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City living, country loving, always busy reading, custard eating, cat loving, musical singing, children's books buying, often busy baking, tennis cheering, costume drama watchingChristmas enthusing, ballroom dancing - Me!

Hello & Welcome

I'm Jo. I'm 33 and live in West London. I share my cosy home with my husband Mr P and our purry friend, Sabrina - Brina for short.

What Do I Do All Day?

I'm a Reception Class Teacher in a lovely Infant and Nursery School not too far from my home in West London. I chose to be an Early Years Teacher because I love supporting children as they take their first steps in formal education. I like planning lots of creative activities that will exciting, engage and challenge little minds and bodies and also help to nurture curiosity and a love of learning. 

What Do I Do When I Have A Moment To Spare?

I'm a real home-bird and am content to potter at home all day long. I like to read, particularly those set in the first half of the twentieth century and children's fiction. I enjoy dreaming and planning about craft projects that usually never actually happen. I love baking and would really love to be good at decorating cakes. 

Living in the city, I try to make the most of having so many exciting shows, galleries and museums on my doorstep. I also enjoy just noodling around and being part of any events or festivals that happen to go on. I am at least a seventh generation Londoner and was very proud when we hosted the Olympics in 2012. I love how London is always evolving but how elements of it have stayed the same for centuries. When I can, I like to visit the Sunday flower market at Columbia Road and enjoy the peace of Evensong at St Paul's Cathedral.

London is my home but the country is where my heart is and I like to spend weekends and holidays getting out of the city, going on long walks and wandering around little villages and towns wondering what it would be like to live there and work in a little village school. I like watching Countryfile and reading Country Living and dreaming of a rural existence.

Some Things I Love (in no particular order)

Sunny puddles
Angela Flanders candles and fragrances
Strictly Come Dancing
Watching tennis on TV and live whenever possible
Milly Molly Mandy
Giggling with my godchildren and their siblings - watching them grow brings me so much happiness
Her Majesty The Queen
A Spotless Rose by Herbert Howells
Looking forward to the delights of each changing season
Roast potatoes and parsnips
I Capture The Castle
The Duchess of Cambridge's Wardrobe
Books by Gervase Phinn 
Radio 2
Eddie Redmayne
Teddy Robinson
Clare Balding
The musical delights of Eric Coates
Saltwater Sandals
The Mitford Sisters
Books and illustrations by Shirley Hughes
Julie Andrews
Paddington Bear
Evensong, church choirs and choral music
Take That
Delia Smith
Ralph Vaughan Williams
Winter sunsets and the Golden Hour
Call The Midwife
Kate Rusby
The sound of church bells
The House of Eliott
Lyme Regis
Afternoon tea
Receiving letters and cards
Gareth Malone
80s Pop Music
Scarves with cute designs
The Archers
Custard Tarts
Downton Abbey

Why Does This Blog Have A Very Long Name?
This blog started on Typepad in 2009 after I had read a lot of lovely blogs and wanted to create my own little diary of life. I picked the name as I my friends and family always linked me to the colour pink, I love cats and custard and cake are two of my favourite things to eat. It came to me in a flash of pastel pink inspiration and seemed like a good choice. 

In 2011 I moved it to Blogger just as I was about to change careers from PA to TA and then Teacher. I have found it difficult to find the work-life balance in the past few years to find the time to do fun things and write about them but more than ever, I am now striving to rectify this a little and make more time for me.

I like to write about my adventures and the things I spot in daily life. It's basically a record of the things that make me happy and therefore make me 'me'. There are also lots of pictures of Brina getting up to silly things and generally being rather cute.

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