Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Path To 35

Today is my birthday.

I was born in 1982. I am thinking of this year as 35 - 1.

It's an opportunity for me to look back on the past years as I've meandered through childhood to teenagerdom and into my twenties and out again. I will shortly hit my mid-thirties and am amazed at what I still haven't achieved and what I still cannot do.

So inspired by the lovely and amazingly talented Emily Quinton at Makelight and Makebelieve, I have put together my own list of things to tick-off before 25th February comes around again.

As an attempt to revive this blog, I'm sharing them with you.

1.    Lose weight to 9st 8lb and stay there (or lose more!)

2.    Learn to use my sewing machine

3.    Watch the sunrise on the River Thames

4.    Plant bulbs that will flower for my birthday in 2017

5.    Make a pavlova

6.    Play tennis

7.    Be confident using the manual settings on my camera

8.    Read all Jane Austen's novels

9.    Be able to foxtrot all the way around a dancefloor

10.  Save £1000

11.  Run for 30 minutes non-stop

12.  Complete my 2016 scrapbook

14.  Go skating

15. Keep to my Lent promise

16.  Bake chocolate eclairs

17.  Find my look/style

18.  Attend a modern calligraphy lesson

19.  Make my own calligraphy Christmas cards

20.  Bake cakes or treats for my class once a term

21.  Go somewhere fun to watch the Olympics

22.  Go to a QPR match

23.  What 3 ballets

24.  Raise some money for charity

25. Compete 3 cross stitch projects

26.  Help Andy make his smoker

27.  Redecorate our bedroom

28.  Fix-up our deckchairs

29. Write a letter to the Queen

30.  Start blogging again

31.  Learn to put my hair in an up-do

32.  Keep to a skin-care regime

33.  Do some Chiltern Way walks

34.  Prepare a surprise picnic for Andy

35.  Find something good in every day