Sunday, 7 December 2014

52 Lists / Forty Nine

This week: List the things that make you feel all Christmassy

Twinkly Lights
I love seeing all the fairy lights twinkling on windows and trees in people's houses and shops. It makes the journey home so much more exciting. Then I reach my house and see our own lights and it makes me so happy to be at home. I just want to rush inside and get all cosy.

Special Decorations
I get so excited about the moment the decorations come out, making the house look beautiful and bringing back memories of past Christmases, special holidays and lovely people.

Sweet Spicy Scents
 I can't get enough of the smells of Christmas: mulled wine, cloves, cinnamon, mixed spice, Christmas tree. It awakens the senses in the mid-winter.

Christmas Radio Times
I'll be the first to grab the highlighter pen and have the pick of the programmes every Christmas.

Joyful Tunes
I have too many Christmas CDs and playlists. I love a bit of everything from Brass Bands to Corelli, choirs to Slade. I try to resist listening to anything until the start of December but from thereon I can't get enough.

Festive Greetings
I love receiving post but Christmas but with the continued tradition of Christmas Cards it means that there is so much more personal post and lovely things to open. I look forward to getting home and seeing a pile of cards on the doormat and waiting for Andy and the moment in the evening when we stop to light the Advent Candle, open the Advent Calendar windows and open and admire our cards together.

Children's Excitement
I get such pleasure out of my Nursery class' excited anticipation for everything that comes with Christmas, especially Father Christmas! Year on year it is just thrilling to listen to them saying how good they have been and hear what they hope to receive. Christmas Play rehearsals can be challenging at times but it is always a lovely event.

Festive London
I've always thought that London comes most alive in autumn and winter and in recent years it has looked spectacular at Christmas. From shop displays to Christmas lights and the big tree in Trafalgar Square; from present buying to festive get-togethers, London is magical at this time of year. It puts on a great show that is not to be missed!

Christmas Traditions
I'm a traditionalist family-girl at heart and this is most apparent at Christmas. I look forward to doing the same things with Andy, Mum and Dad at this time of year. We must go to Columbia Road and enjoy the flower market, pick-up the final bits of shopping on Christmas Eve and have a delicious lunch together, guess who is going to stuff themselves so full with food at Christmas Dinner so they are awarded the china pig and go to see a show during Christmas week. I like traditions so much that I seem to devise new ones every year. This year we have a Kindness Elf visiting!

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling
Most of all about Christmas, I love that warm fuzzy feeling that just happens at this time of year. Once you get all the panic out the way, the world becomes a happier place. There are lots of good-news stories on TV and in the newspapers, people donate more to charity and are more friendly towards each other, leaving each shop with a cheerful 'Merry Christmas'.

As the closing line of the Nursery Christmas Play goes: "It really is a special time of year."

What excites you most about Christmas?

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  1. Lovely festive post, Jo! Some of my favorite Christmas joys: special programs at church, twinkly lights, cards (and a very special package from England!) in the mail, reading a story every night in our advent book and going to see the gingerbread houses in downtown Seattle. <3