Sunday, 23 November 2014

So cute!

The strangest thing happened this week.

We held the first of two Parents' Evenings at school and after her meeting a parent whose child is currently in another keyworker group (I'm the teacher overall but I have two Early Years practitioners who work with two of the keyworker groups and I work with the third. We rotate termly so we get to know all children and it helps me to plan and assess them more effectively) came back into the classroom and over to my desk to say "I wanted to tell you that you're a very cute lady". She's a very kind person herself so I was rather flattered but thought it was the strangest comment.

Is being cute a good thing? For me it has slightly negative connotations for adults. Do I look cute, is it what I think or what I do? Hmm.

Then this morning my husband pondered out loud  (after I'd been singing aloud about how cosy the cat was asleep on her chair): "I don't understand how you can be so clever and good at school and yet your head is full of so much fluff?"

Oh dear!

Despite being 32, having a 1st class degree and having the important responsibility of teaching 78 little people, I suppose my head is often full of fluff.

Why? I can give you so many answers but this is what candy floss is filling my head this week.

Picture source - Belle and Boo website

I have become besotted with Belle and Boo images, particularly there cosy Christmas ones. I seem to have recently acquired lots more postcards that I have blu-tacked around my desk. I think it's something to do with having the exact same hair-do as Belle, complete with sticky out bits at the back.

I am so excited about the new Paddington movie and will be hopefully watch it on Friday. I haven't ever been to see a film on the first day and there I am getting all excited about a children's film.

I am getting ridiculously excited about Christmas and got so dizzy when I walked past the local hairdressers and saw snowflakes and fairy lights in the window.

I saved a slice of marshmallow cake all week to share with Andy. We finally indulged on Friday night with a mug of hot milk with more marshmallows on top.

It is not a good list is it.

I fear that I'm like a dog owner who is slowly turning into their dog. I'm turning into the three year olds I teach. I hope that being on the same wavelength as a three year old means that it makes me a wonderful teacher but I'm not so sure. It's worrying!

So I confess,
My name is Joanna and I am cute.


  1. Don't worry about it! The simple things are the best and it's good to be so in tune with your inner child. I get excited about the smallest things too. She could have called you all manner of things, so I'd take cute, hehe! I didn't know there was a Paddington film, I'll have to investigate.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it's certainly more fun to be in-tune with your inner child. We saw the Paddington film on Friday and it was super. A must see! x

  2. I absolutely love your list! It is those simple things, and finding happiness in them, that gets us through the tough days. At only five feet tall, I have been called "cute" my whole life. It bothered me in college, but I have given in. I think it is usually meant kindly.

    1. My Nana always called me Tiny even when I was turning 16 just before she died. I'm 5ft 5in so not so small but think she'd still be calling me Tiny today if she were alive! x

  3. It is a strange comment to make, but I wouldn't worry too much about it. I get the greatest pleasure from the simplest of things and I think people are better for it.