Sunday, 16 November 2014

52 Lists / Forty Six

This week: List where you would go if you had a time machine

London in the late 1920s
I'd love a day as a lady in London in the 1920s. I'd go shopping in all the best places, stop off for afternoon tea, go to the theatre in the evening followed by dinner at The Ritz and some Charleston dancing in the Cafe Royale.

Millenium Eve 1999
I'd quite like to go back to 31st December 1999 and be with exactly the same people (Mum, Dad, my Auntie, Uncle and 10 year old cousin), in exactly the same place (watching the fireworks in London). We didn't do anything fancy - ate a pizza in a very 'interesting' restaurant in Shepherds Market before heading down towards the river. When we got home in the middle of the night, we stayed up until America had seen in the new year. It was a magical feeling: I was greeting the dawn of the new millennium aged 17, on the threshold of adulthood and the start of a new beginning. 

The Franco-British Exhibition at White City in 1908
I live just a stone's throw from White City and would wander around the amazing gardens and enjoy the beautiful white marble buildings. I remember a few of the buildings in situ until they were demolished for the Westfield development and I've always been curious to know what my local area would have been like a century ago. I think I might just have to go off location a bit and take a walk to see my house - it would have been considered a new-build back then!

Victorian England
I would love to see London in Dickens time, observing both the richness and poverty. Hopefully I could do something to help the most needy. Maybe I could help out some of my Rogers, Coldrake, Dawson, Stephens or Doran ancestors?

Andy Murray winning Wimbledon
I'd love to go back to 2013 and be on Centre Court. I'd love to relive the special moment.

The building of Stonehenge
This neolithic wonder has fascinated me for years and I wouldn't mind seeing how it was built. Did they really pull the rocks all the way from Wales?

The Euston Hotel, London - 1930
My Grandpa was one of the first English head waiters in London and one of the first cocktail waiters when American Bars started to open in the city. I would like to be a guest at The Euston Hotel where he worked and where he met my Grandma who was a maid. It would be super to see him at work as a young man in such an exciting position. He was in his seventies and eighties when I knew him but he had never forgotten what good service was all about, and loved to visit restaurants to see waiting done properly.

What place and time would you be transported to if you stumbled across a time machine?


  1. Oh, I like this one very much! We even sat down as a family and had a nice chat about this! Some of my tops: 1) I would like to be in Bethlehem the night Jesus was born - to see the star and hear the angels singing. 2) I would also like to be at my Grandma Pearl's home at Christmas around 1920; they didn't have very much money, and only spoke Norwegian in the home, but she always reminisced so fondly of the Christmases when she was a girl. It would be wonderful to meet my great-grandparents. 3) I would like to be present on May 8, 1945 when World War II ended. I have heard stories from my grandmothers about the war years, and even though there was a lot of sorrow, it appeals to me because it was a time when everyone was united and there was great national pride. America is pretty politically fractured now, and many people seem to be only out for themselves. It would be lovely to be alive during a time when neighbors helped each other, grieved together and rejoiced together. When there was a dedication to a greater good, rather than a focus on personal gain and satisfaction. 4) Lastly, I would like to go back to a Christmas morning when my children were young. Maybe 1999 - they would have been 2, 4 and 7. I would just soak in the magic, knowing now how quickly they grow and what a miracle each of those innocent (even when stressful) moments were.

    1. What a lovely lot of time travelling! One day maybe they'll invent one! x