Sunday, 30 November 2014

52 Lists / Forty Eight

This week: List your favourite flowers

They are so simple and yet so cheery.

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Lily of the Valley
My Grandma was called Lily and was from a mining village in the South Wales valleys, 
so these always remind me of her.

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They arrive at the point in the year when you need some sunshine.
They are sunshine on a stem.

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I love traditional roses, mostly in pinks, purples and creams.
Sweet Avalanche reminds me of our wedding as it was in my bouquet and used in all the arrangements. Aw!

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I have five plants in my little garden. 
If I could I'd have a garden full of them, they're so beautiful.

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For their scent alone.

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Just lovely.

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What flower fills your heart with joy?

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  1. What a cheerful post! Sweet peas are my favorite because I love the bright colors and scent. Also yellow roses because they were my grandma's favorite, so they remind me of her.