Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Transitioning Tag From Shannon

On this final day of the school holidays, I woke to both sunshine and a tag from my dear friend Shannon inviting me to join her in a Transition Tag reflecting on the summer and looking ahead to the autumn. 

I decided to get on with it immediately, accompanied by my final early morning cup of tea and biscuit (there never seems any time for this during the school day weeks). It's been a lovely opportunity to think back over what has been a really great and fun-filled summer and also start to get excited over what is coming in the next couple of months.

Top Ten Thoughts While Transitioning

1. Favourite memory from June
The day we hired bikes and cycled around East London to and around the Queen Elizabeth II Olympic Park - it was such a change from the norm and so much fun. Also, the relief at completing all 78 school reports and getting my Nursery Data in on time - phew!

2. Favourite memory from July
Is it wrong to have 3? Our visit to wonderful Wimbledon; going to the Moomin Show with my best friends and their wee ones; and of course, Nicki & Gianni's beautiful wedding followed by those camping days in Whitstable.

3. Favourite memory from August
So many from our holiday, particularly the evening we cooked a three course meal in the campervan beside a beautiful beach, our awesome stay at Cromlix and seeing beautiful Aira Falls in the Lake District. But I also cannot forget the incredible Friday Night Is Disco Night, Mum's birthday and our visit to Buckingham Palace.

4. Best thing you ate over the Summer holidays
We had some outstanding seafood suppers in Whitsable and I loved all the meals we made in the campervan using local Hebridian and Scottish produce. Our last night fish supper at the little restaurant on Scalpay was delicious but I will never forget the Porridge Brûlée I had for breakfast at Cromlix. Porridge made with cream and whisky with blowtorch blasted demerara sugar on top. Mmm!

5. Something you wish you did, but never got around to
Meeting up with more people. This summer I didn't have the energy to rush around and do lots of visiting. It's been lovely to meet up with the big and little people when we have and see lots of family at the wedding and family party and now I have a bit more go in me to keep meeting up with people into the autumn. I already can't wait for my afternoon with Sam in a few weeks time!

6. Favourite song right now
Hard one! I've really enjoyed my summer playlist and have mostly listed to the same 40 tunes in the last few months. In the past week I've been enjoying lots of Amy MacDonald, the new Kate Rusby album Ghost and, along with everyone else, Kate Bush's back catalogue. I've been singing Babooshka in my head for the last few days!

7. Favourite autumn fashion item
I need to lose a bit of excess weight in the next month or so and then I'll get some new clothes for the season. I'm looking forward to getting out my red Gloverall duffle coat again - it's so cosy.

8. Favourite thing to do with your family in the autumn
A nice walk in the countryside, admiring colour-changing trees and stomping in leaves - followed by a warming stew or roast.

Autumn memories from 2013 - Day out at Stourhead wearing that red duffle coat!
Looking forward to making lots of new memories in Autumn 2013
9. What you can't wait to cook/eat this autumn
I keep thinking a chicken and leek pie would be lovely.

10. A goal you have for this school year
To achieve a better work-life balance - to work hard but also really enjoy life both in and out of school. Also, I need to start writing lists again. I work best when I keep lists to help me prioritise, allocate time and give myself the satisfaction of ticking things off. This lapsed last year so I want to make it part of my routine again.

What did you enjoy most this summer? 
What can't you wait for this autumn?
I'm not nominating anyone in particular but do feel free to join in with reflecting and anticipating.


  1. Bravo! I love the photos you added; what a lovely summer you had! And I am quite jealous of that cheery red coat. Sadly, I need to lose a couple of pounds, too. Eating ice-cream nearly every day for three weeks in August does come with a price, ha. Thanks for playing along!

    1. Thanks Shannon. I really enjoyed it. It was good to reflect and get excited. It made the end of the summer holidays somewhat easier! x

  2. Campervans rock!! I have got rather good at rustling up fancy meals on two gas rings. I am admiring your duffle coat. We have mild but wet winters here, so I always have waterproof numbers. But when I worked and lived in London, I had a duffle coat. Lovely memories of your summer.
    Leanne xx

    1. Cooking in minimal space does make you think about how you organise yourself and work together as a team to create something yummy. Eating in the van or just outside is so much fun as well. Who needs a dining room?! x

  3. So much good stuff in this post but that porridge brulee sounds delish! And here's to lots of stomping through autumn leaves.

    1. Oh, it was yummy! I must try it at home sometime. x