Friday, 1 August 2014

52 Lists / Thirty One

Joining in with Emma at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List the good things you have done this week

I've found this one rather tricky as since we returned from our camping trip on Tuesday night, I've been a bit of a home-bird and not really done much but here goes...

Got up at 6am to make biscuits for our camping trip

On Sunday morning I helped my family to tidy up after the lovely wedding the previous day

Acted as designated driver for the entire weekend

Remembered to send my friend and colleague a text to wish her Eid Mubarak

Spent a long time brushing Brina when she returned from the vet's cattery

Dropped everything to give Dad a lift to the garage when he realised he'd forgotten to give the mechanic something that was necessary to fix the car

Rescued a little mouse from a playful Milly

What good deeds have you done this week?

My list doesn't look very impressive. I think I would be graded as 'must try harder'!

Have a good weekend! x


  1. I think your list sounds perfect! It is all of those simple kindnesses strung together that uplift the people around you. I live all the way on the other side of the world and your thoughtfulness brightens my life!
    Because of the devastating fires in our area, my good deeds have all been centered on helping people who've lost their homes. Our family spent a few hours sorting clothing donations at the local school, and then helped my husbands sister clean the rental she will be staying in while her house is repaired (half of her house burned).

    1. I saw some of the photos on Facebook, Shannon - looks like all the Toolsoons were helping out and doing lots of good deeds to help out and settle family in temporary accommodation. I hope that your husband's sister can move back into her home soon and you don't have any more fires this summer. x

  2. I think that's a very impressive list, I can't think of any good deeds I've done this week, I certainly must try harder!

    1. I'm sure you've done so many good deeds. It's the little things that count! x

  3. Yeah, I made it into your list of very important things to remember!

  4. Looks impressive to me. Don't think my list would have much on it at all (though I did manage a bit of dusting for my aged aunt!).

    1. That's so kind of you to help your aunt. It really is the little things that make the maximum difference! x