Tuesday, 26 August 2014

52 Lists / Thirty Four

Joining in with Emma at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List the dreams/goals you had as a child

Be a Teacher
Something I always dreamed of doing that I've just about achieved in the last two and a bit years.
(Still cannot believe I'll be entering my 2nd year of teaching next week. Time flies!)

Act in a musical
Achieved somewhat when I was 14 and in a summer holiday production of Godspell. I did enjoy it but never really pushed myself forward for acting since. Even the thought of role-play in training sessions is enough to turn me green.

Study History
Throughout school History was my absolute favourite subject and I always knew that if I went to university it would be the subject I would study. I took lots of time and a Gap Year to make sure that I chose a course that would fascinate me and so ended up studying at the University of Reading working towards a degree that focused on social history. I loved being allowed the time to read about topics that I was passionate about and although I don't work in a field that directly uses this knowledge, it continues to be one of my main interests today.

Dance professionally
I continued dancing until I was 17 and had a knee injury that persisted for about four years and then suddenly, for no clear reason, got better overnight. I've never danced professionally but it is still something I enjoy, although I've swapped ballet for the more sociable field of ballroom dancing.

Pursue a career as a Wedding Dress Designer
This was my big fascination between the ages of about 8 and 11. I spent ages reading wedding dress magazines and trying to create my own designs. However as I cannot draw for toffee this was never going to be a reality.

To have a cat of my own
Done and much enjoyed. Miaow!

See London by helicopter
I loved doing this in July 2012 as part of my 30th birthday present from Andy. Amazing!

Be able to touch type
I could type around 95 words per minute at my best - now it's about 75 wpm.

Meet Shirley Hughes & Judith Kerr
Growing up I always wanted to meet my favourite authors and in the last couple of years have got to meet them both!

Be a Blue Peter presenter
One of those dreams that you aspire to but know it will never happen. The closest I've been to achieving this has been having described as having the warmth and personality of both a BP and Children's TV presenter when I've been observed teaching. I'm hoping I'm more of a Sarah Greene/Janet Ellis/Helen Skelton type than Katy Hill!

Visit New York
Growing up I was fascinated by New York and have been lucky enough to visit it twice, firstly in 1999 and most recently in 2009. It's an incredible city but in terms of US cities I think I'd actually prefer to live in Boston and all-in-all love London even more.

Get married and have a family of my own
I ticked off part one in September 2010 and am hoping that part two will be achieved in the next few years.

What were your hopes and dreams as a child? 
Have you achieved them?


  1. During my early school years I wanted to be a disc jockey - it seemed magical to be in charge of what plays on the radio!
    When I was ten, I had a wonderful teacher who I wanted to emulate in every way. I carried the dream of teaching through my second year of college, when I had a very difficult semester working in classroom, and decided my romanticized ideas about teaching didn't quite match reality. That education hasn't been wasted though, as I've had the opportunity to teach Sunday School to all ages.
    My greatest dream was to be a wife and mother. I have been richly blessed with a daughter and two sons, plus a third "son" who joined us when he was 15, and now a son-in-law and sweet little granddaughter.
    My dream now, as my children are all leaving the nest, would be a job as a travel writer!
    (Sorry to take up so much space!)

  2. This was such a lovely comment. So many exciting things that you've achieved and you're looking to achieve. The travel writer job sounds like lots of fun - you'll have to start in England! x