Saturday, 30 August 2014

52 Lists / Thirty Five

Joining in with Emma at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List the things on your weekly shop

I've been a little cheeky with this one and just cut and pasted the list I sent to Andy yesterday afternoon as he'd offered to do the shop on his way home.

Bananas - Our favourite fruity boost

1 bag of smallish apples - Best mid-morning snack

Couple of big baking potatoes - For jacket potato dinners

Couple of leeks - I'm starting to think about soups and chicken pies

Tomatoes (big and cherry) - For salads, cooking with and just popping in your mouth when you go the fridge

Eggs - So many posibilities

Yoghurts - Lunchtime staple and always YeoValley as the pots are the best for re-using at school
Creme fraiche - For sauces and accompaniments

Small pot of double cream - Ditto

Food for lunches - We've resolved to eat better this school year. Out with the ham sandwiches and in with some falafel and salad

Gnocchi - Fridge staple for days when we need a quick dinner

Chicken breasts - Not had these for ages, we usually try to get all our meat from our local butcher but if we know we won't be able to get there buy organic meat from the supermarket

Fresh crab pate - For toast and to make into pasta sauces

Picnic stuff for weekend - Because everyone loves a picnic

Loaf of bread - We prefer to make our own or buy from a proper baker but this is a sour dough boule
Something for tea over the weekend - Fancy burgers and brioche rolls

Flowers for me - He picked the bunch I bought for a friend's mum last week because he knew I liked the colours. Ahhh!

You may be wondering about the lack of vegetables and fruit. The answer is that we receive a vegbox (usually small vegbox less roots) from Riverford every Wednesday and often add additional items to our delivery. 

We've had the vegbox since 2009 and like it because it encourages us to eat more healthily and seasonally. Everything is also organic so we feel ethically good as well! 

There have been times when we've felt overloaded with veg, especially if we've been out for several days, the fridge is still full and we've not cancelled the subsequent box but we can usually clear it by making a huge pot of soup for lunches and teas. 

It has also made us eat things you wouldn't find so easily in the supermarket (kohl rabi anyone?) or avoid buying because they're too expensive or not part of an offer (fennel). 

It's not a truly representative shopping list as things change from week to week (there's no sausages and we seem to eat a lot of sausages!), especially if we buy stuff on offer and freeze. We also do eat treat things like biscuits and crisps but bought quite a few bits on holiday so are enjoying these and reliving holidays memories first.

What are your weekly shop staples?


  1. I want to come to your house for a meal! Your list sounds delicious! My basket changes depending on the weeks menu, but I am guaranteed to buy milk, dry cereal, pasta, tomatoes, seasonal fruit, orange juice and Gatorade (for after sports practice for Joe.)

    1. We have our milk (and orange juice twice a week) delivered daily by our milkman. It's such a nice thing to wake up to! x

  2. This is so interesting! I love knowing what others buy and eat. I think it sounds very healthy. There is always wine on our shopping list, and stuff for packed lunches, and I never seem to do a weekly shop without buying at least one tin of chopped tomatoes! x

    1. There is usually wine or some kind of bitter/cider on the list but Andy went slightly made for a couple of weeks and now our dining room looks like a vineyard/brewery. We look like we've got a bit of a problem! I made the mistake of not getting enough for our packed lunches this week and ran out of food for the end of the week. Toast and houmous isn't my favourite lunchtime treat! x