Tuesday, 8 July 2014

52 Lists / Twenty Eight

Joining in with Emma at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List your dreams for the future (right now)

Getting to the end of term. I'm exhausted and just need to sleep and let my body rest and recharge.

Having a happy little family of my own

Being able to afford to buy a family home - preferably in a nice location near nice people
(If I were to really push the boat out I'd want a home in London and something in the country)

Owning a Debenture seat at Wimbledon

Feeling carefree

Gaining more expertise as an Early Years Teacher and perhaps study for further qualifications

Seeing and touching the white sands of the Outer Hebrides

Enjoying the company of more cats and perhaps a little dog
(I hanker after a border terrier that I'd call Rafa)

Eating cherry pie and custard

Meeting my lovely friend Shannon someway, somehow, sometime

Meeting Andy Murray

Finding a work-life balance
which would lead to
Feeling like I'm on top of life again

Hot sunny evenings (it's certainly not miserable but where has the sunny weather gone?)

Seeing the positive things about every day

Laughing more

What are you dreaming of?

As I mentioned above, I'm absolutely exhausted. I have no more oomph left in me and yet still have a week with the children and then another two days tidying up the Nursery. I am ready to flop and have been getting home and needing a nap most days. Roll on 17th July. I have never needed a holiday more than I do this one. x


  1. Lovely thoughts - I hope all of your dreams come true! I share the dream of meeting you in person one of these days. Also dream of Sunday dinners with my children and grandchildren (although I'm afraid we may end up spread about the country) and owning a little cottage by the ocean. It is nice to dream, isn't it? I hope that the next two weeks go quickly so that you can relax!

  2. I hope the next few days go quick, I had a nap every night on the last week on term. Summer is just around the bend, you are nearly there xx

  3. Not long to wait now before you can start putting some ticks on your list. Enjoy your summer break and save me a piece of cherry pie!

  4. These are lovely dreams, and I'm sure that some of them are acheivable....
    I think teaching must be such an rewarding job. But with that comes exhaustion too. Just think of your lovely long holiday to relax and unwind. And maybe feel that sand under your toes. It's a dream of mine to visit Shetland and The Scillies. And I do like the sound of the cherry pie. I'll leave the baby making to you. Have fun with that!!
    Leanne xx