Tuesday, 3 June 2014

52 Lists / Twenty Three

Joining in with Emma at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List your summer to do list

Have Saturday Afternoon picnics

Make sure there are lots of days out in the countryside

Enjoy attending the Ladies Final at Wimbledon

Go on holiday!

Have a fantastic weekend at a hen party, followed by another super weekend at my cousin's wedding

Survive the last half term at school

Get ready for the next year at school

Wallow in sport during the Commonwealth Games

Prepare for my new role as subject coordinator for R.E.

Lose some weight (always on any list)

Oh and get fit (ditto)

Learn to play some nursery rhymes on my ukulele

Read some books

Don't forget to wear sunscreen...or carry an umbrella

Buy a bike and ride it

Do some crafting - make my Christmas cards and presents

Listen to the sea

Do some proper cooking

Watch Frozen (Am I the only person in the world who hasn't seen it yet?)

Keep my summer sandal-wearing feet moisturised


What is on your to do list this summer?

I'm working from home today, busily writing reports (41 done 28 to go!), so this is written whilst I make a fresh cup of tea and change the washing load. I hope you're having a good week and dashing in and out of these silly showers. I thought it was meant to be June. I'm not so sure we're working from the same calendar in London! x


  1. Love your summer list, especially the last item. And no, you're not the only one. I haven't watched Frozen yet, either.

  2. I haven't seen Frozen, Jo, but I sure do know all the songs! It's ubiquitous!

  3. I hope to read some books, go on vacation and listen to the sea too! Lovely thoughts. I hope that your reports are done and the sunshine has come out in your corner :)

  4. That is a great list! Ladies Finals at Wimbledon - that will be amazing. I hope the weather behaves for us. x

  5. I know I'm a bit late to catch up on this post, but I haven't seen Frozen either!
    I guess my Summer list comprises mainly of "try to keep up"!