Saturday, 10 May 2014

Hair Today...

My hair has long been my favourite thing about my appearance.

I've had long hair since I can remember and even having it cut to just below my shoulders last year felt short.

I've had a fringe, grown it out, had it cut back in - that's all I ever seem to do to change my hair.

I don't excessively style it, just straighten it now and again if I'm in the mood or going somewhere fancy.

But now my locks have decided to do their own thing and in the last week or so, it, my hair has started to fall out. When I shower in the morning long strands are coming away and I'm finding more hair than usual on my hairbrush.

I've done some reading up on it and it sounds like it is probably related to my bout of pneumonia earlier in the year. It's likely to be one of the unfortunate after effects when you feel ready to be up and about and having a life again but your body still wants to make you look poorly. Either that or stress - and you've already heard enough of me talking about how stressful a PGCE followed by NQT year is.

I'm just hoping that it's something that will be a short lived episode and will soon go back to normal.

I've had a good look online today for some treatments to soothe and revitalise my scalp and give it that bit of extra love and care it wants. That said, the price of these bottles of magic are rather expensive and I don't really want to spend £40 on something when I might only end up using a tiny amount if it irritates or doesn't work.

So I'm asking you lovely bloggy friends if you can recommend any shop-bought treatments that may be worth trying or suggest any homemade remedies. You usually have lots of ideas so I'm hoping you can help.

I'll let you know how it goes.
Hopefully it's just a 'hair today' problem which will be 'gone tomorrow'. x


  1. I can sympathise with you entirely - I've always had thin hair (a genetic thing unfortunately, so not much to be done about it for me :-( although it improved greatly when I was pregnant) I would think that your hairloss , as you suspect, could be due to the combination of a stressful year followed by a serious illness, and that it will sort itself out in time, but I'm sure some supplements might help. Can't recommend anything personally, so I'll be watching your comments with interest to see if anyone else has any suggestions! In the meantime, just make sure you take good care of yourself. Rx

  2. I hope you find a remedy, is it worth asking at your doctors? I had quite a lot of hair loss some years ago which turned out to be the first symptom of my under active thyroid.

  3. I've heard that hair loss/health is often tied to vitamin deficiency. I found this article online about foods that help strengthen hair:
    Hopefully there is something that helps; how frustrating! :(

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  5. I'm sure you're right and it's probably connected to your illness and the demands of the job but I'd suggest a chat with your GP. As Shannon says, there may be an underlying issue which, once diagnosed, could easily be dealt with.

  6. Just popping back to add a link to this supplement which, coincidentally, I've just read about on another blog and which might be worth trying:

  7. I moult like a dog, all the time. And with dark, longish, curly hair, you really notice those hairs in the plughole, on the carpet, stuck to my hair ties…

    I'm slightly dubious about potions - I reckon if you keep eating as well as you can it will pass. I seriously thought I would go bald after I had my kids - it was falling out by the handful, but went back to normal eventually.