Saturday, 24 May 2014

52 Lists / Twenty One

Joining in with Ema at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List your favourite blogs and why

Another tricky one as there's so many but I've picked at random 3 favourite blogs that I always go back to.

I had to pick my dear friend's Shannon's blog as I've been following it for such a long time now (2008!) and through that and our own correspondence via Facebook, emails and now Instagram, I've got to know such a lovely, kind and caring person. She writes about her family and what they've been up to (she's soon going to become a very glamorous grandma!) and about the seasonal changes in her home in Washington state. She loves food as much as I do and her posts are always full of mouthwatering pictures about what she's been cooking or eating. She loves so many different types of crafting and I can tell she's a great homemaker. She also has the most amazing handwriting that has me in awe every time one of her cards or parcels arrives. She is a very special, never-met friend but I hope we will one day have the opportunity to spend some time together. x

I stumbled across Gillian's blog a couple of years ago and remember spending an evening reading every post. I love Gillian's posts as they can be about so many different but interesting things: her children, home, cooking, photography, places she has visited. Every post is always of interest and her photographs are always fantastic. Through Gillian's comments here and on my Instagram photos, I've felt very grateful of support as I studied for my PGCE and started out as a teacher. She's always written the most kind and lovely things. I'm sure she's just as lovely in real life as she is in blogland. I'd love her to be the parents of one of my Nursery children as I know she'd be so friendly and fantastic to know. Plus her children sound fantastic. Fancy a move to London, Gillian? x

Again another blog I've been reading for a long time. Kate has an incredible eye for quirky design and lovely details. The photos she posted of her home last year showed this and had me wanting to completely redecorate our flat. She is another fantastic cook; the recipe she shares are always delicious and her cake decorating is beautiful (I so want her Postman Pat cake!), and her themed parties are inspired. I also enjoy following her on Instagram and her 100 Happy Days photos were always lovely. If Kate lived nearby, I'd invite her round a slice of cake - as she seems like a super person to know. If you're ever down in London, I'd be happy to fulfil this invitation with tea or something stronger! x

It was so hard to write as I love so many blogs and value the comments I receive from other bloggers. If you would like to read more of my favourite blogs - do click on the links to your right. 

What blogs do you particularly enjoy and why? Are they ones you've read for years or once you've recently discovered?

Have a fab bank holiday weekend. Hope you miss the showers and if you do get wet, I hope there's some tea and cake just around the corner! x


  1. Aw, thanks Jo - you are very kind. I am so glad we stumbled across each other in blogland all those years ago! I will have to visit the two other blogs you mentioned, they sound lovely. Outside of your blog and my immediate family, my most common visits are to Lucy at Attic24 and Stephanie at NieNieDialogues - beautiful, inspiring blogs.

  2. It's nice to share the blog love and I've got to say I don't think I've stumbled across any of those yet, can't wait to get stuck in though!
    My blog reading list is long and unwieldy and includes new, old, fat, thin, huge, tiny. All kinds of everything!
    M x Life Outside London