Tuesday, 18 March 2014

52 Lists / Twelve

Joining in with Ema at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List the things beside your bed

I'm looking at my bedside table that doubles as a dressing table and needs a jolly good clear out!

Photographs: Me, Mum and Dad on holiday in Devon when I was about two; 
Mr P and Me on the London Eye on the day I finished my A Level exams in 2000
Mr P on our wedding day.

A lamp

My Kindle (currently reading Letters To The Midwife)

A few bottles of Angela Flanders perfumes


Glasses Cases

Royal Ballet Nutcracker mug containing my make up brushes and random bits for beautifying

Make up bag containing lots of random make up stuff

Glittery nail varnish that hasn't been worn since Christmas and should have been put in the cupboard ages ago

Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic and eye cream and lots of cotton wool pads

Throat sweets and pastilles still needed to stop my night-time cough

A coaster that I've had since I was tiny - it shows a cat in a cottage garden

Two hair brushes and two combs

A papier-mache box painted with a picture of a cat that I've had for years - it holds my hair bobble and clips stash


  1. Letters to the Midwife is on my "to read" list - I would be interested to hear if you are finding it an enjoyable read! I hope that you can put the throat candies away for good soon; take care.

    1. It was an interesting book but not really much to get your teeth into - I felt it was maybe an effort from the publishers to get a bit more money out of the public whilst the series is still popular. The previous books are lovely, I think we were spoiled with those! x