Monday, 24 March 2014

52 Lists / Thirteen

Joining in with Ema at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List your spring to do list

Declutter the flat, then give it a jolly good spring clean

Sort out my wardrobe ready for warmer, sunnier weather

Start ballroom dancing again

Find some sandals for a family wedding in July

Lose 6lb

Make some hot cross buns

Get a hair cut

See some newborn lambs

Sort out my classroom to make it Ofsted-ready

Make my annual visit to the bluebell wood

Change banks

Help Mr P help to get the garden ready for summer

Create something using my sewing machine

Start having pedicures again

Enjoy all the sights and sounds of the season

Keep cheerful throughout this chilly week! x


  1. I would love to see newborn lambs and a bluebell wood - be sure to take pictures and blog! :) On a not so fun note, I also need to lose about 6 pounds - sigh - and just as the Easter chocolates are calling my name!

  2. Ooh I've never had a pedicure. Your list sounds very productive. I hope all goes well for Offsted - nerve wracking I should think.

    Leanne xx

    1. I did get the pedicure but still no call from Ofsted. Now we'll be spending yet another term worrying 'will they/won't they?' x

  3. The bluebell wood sounds so nice - a perfect springtime activity. I'm with you on the wardrobe clean out as I've avoided it so long it is getting out of hand. x

    1. We can't get anything to our wardrobe and it's an effort to get anything out. I've now bought summer clothes and know it's going to be a nightmare knowing where to put them - ugh! x