Saturday, 22 February 2014

52 Lists / Eight

Joining in with Ema at Made In Hunters and her 52 Lists project.

This week: List the good things about your town

Mr P and my parents living so close by

18 minutes by Tube to Central London

30 minutes in the car on M4/M40 to lush green spaces

Peacefulness in a busy spot - I can hear the birds

Can walk to the River Thames

The cheap fabric shops

It's where my family have lived for the past 120-ish years

Memories - It's where I've lived all my life

I found this a tricky one as I didn't want to just write about London so thought I'd think about my little pocket of the City. We live in an odd area that always seems to be up and coming but never actually gets completely there. Usually I think that the best things about it are the good transport connections to get to lots of nicer things as it's not the prettiest of places.

But it's home and I guess that's why I like it and why I chose to stay here.

Thank you for all your comments and kind thoughts about me being fluey. It really was a nasty bout! I still don't feel like I've fully recovered - my temperature didn't come back down to normal until Wednesday and I still have a nasty chesty cough which is keeping us all up and awake at night. I never realised that flu was so debilitating - my body still feel very wobbly if I stand up for too long and I'm getting tired very easily. I think it will be another week or so before I feel completely my normal self again and as I am back in school on Monday think I'll need lots of stamina and early nights to get through the first week back.

Enjoy the rest of this springlike weekend. x


  1. Glad that you are on the mend. Your list has got me thinking about what I love best about my local area.

    Leanne xx

  2. Sending lots of wishes for full recovery your way! I am intrigued by your corner of the world - it sounds like you have a lot if variety within a short travel distance, which is lovely. I hope you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite places again SOON!

  3. I hope you're feeling better now! I enjoyed your lists and it is always nice to think of the good things about your area - I'm forever moaning about the increasing number of chicken and gambling shops in my area (like the old woman I am) x

  4. Hope you're surviving being back in the real world, flu is so hideous!
    Nice list though, in the midst of your poorliness!
    M x Life Outside London