Saturday, 2 November 2013

Here At Last

About time
Better late than never
All words and phrases that could apply to me.

Oops. It's been a while, hasn't it?
September...October and now it's November.
Time has just run away with itself.

However, I've not been sat around doing nothing - in fact far from it. The last two months have been absolutely bonkers and I don't felt like I've stopped. Far from being a time of hibernation; I've been running around like a mad March hare! I feel like I've done so much but actually most of it has been centred around starting school and my first half term as a newly qualified Nursery class teacher. So much so that when I sat down to make this collage I realised that most of my photos were either of my classroom or a visit to Stourhead at the start of half term week.

It was eight weeks of preparing the classroom, meeting children, helping them to settle in and then assessing, planning and teaching to meet their learning needs (and then the cycle repeats itself). I don't want to dwell on it too much but despite every day being a challenge, I absolutely love the job. I feel like I've found something which is just perfect for me and it's lovely to have that feeling. That said - I was delighted to get to half term.

Half term began with a surprise visit from a little cat - although sadly when I was not at home. Mr P was working from home and heard lots of mewing and miaowing coming from the bedroom. When he went to investigate he found Sabrina staring at a little black cat who had made itself comfortable in our bed. The little cat stayed for two or three hours (probably traumatised by thoughts of Sabrina cornering him/her on the way out) and it was not until Mr P picked it up, gave it a catstick and showed it the back door that it decided to depart. I was so annoyed not to see it and it's not made another visit but I found the story very amusing.

Last Sunday - before the St Jude Storm blew through - we headed to Wiltshire for a day at Stourhead to enjoy the autumn colours. I'd seen it many times on the TV (usually when Carol Kirkwood was giving a weather report from there on BBC Breakfast news) and thought it looked absolutely amazing. We (Mum and Dad came too) were not disappointed as there were so many different autumnal shades: red, orange, brown, rust. It was a beautiful, tranquil spot and the day really blew the cobwebs away. I highly recommend a visit, particularly in the autumn but I'm sure it's delightful all year round. Don't miss the grotto or the gothic cottage - amazing!

We ended up with two pumpkins this Halloween as I'd bought one from the supermarket and another smaller one came in the veg box. This will allow us to make lots of pumpkin soup and roasted seeds but it also allowed both Mr P and I to get crafty with the kitchen knife and create our own spooky face. I decided on a cat for mine (no surprise there then!) - although the more I look at it the less scary it seems. I think it's quite cute really!

Now I'm trying to get back into the teacher mindset for going back to work on Monday. It's not been all play this week as I spent a morning at school and have probably worked about two days in total this week but it was nice to have a bit of headspace and not jump out of bed every day at 6am. The half term is seven weeks (the last one was eight!) but there is so much to pack in especially as I know that most of December will be spent on Christmassy things. I have already got used to the feeling of not ever being able to switch off entirely from school and teacher thoughts and it is so easy to just keep working and working and working. My aim for next half term is to know when to stop and say good is good enough.

And that means making time to write this blog!

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  1. You have been a busy lady! I love following your photo posts on Instagram, but nothing quite compares with a chatty blog post. So happy that you have found your niche and love what you are doing (even if it is loads of work.) Good luck with the rest of term!

  2. I'm so, so happy to hear you say how much you love teaching. That first 8 weeks was tough for teachers and children I think - at least the next stretch is shorter. So glad you enjoyed your half term and had a chance to relax and have some fun. x

  3. Hello again! What a whirl these past few months have been for you. Lovely to her that you are enjoying teaching. I enjoyed half term too!

    Leanne xx

  4. Good to hear you're loving the job. I'm sure the run up to Christmas will be incredibly busy for you but here's hoping you manage to carve some 'me' time in the schedule.