Tuesday, 6 August 2013

We're Going Where The Sun Shines Brightly*

* We hope.

We're off on our summer holiday tomorrow!

No posts for a little while but I promise to send you a postcard every day if you follow me here on Instagram.

In the meantime, think of me and Mr P driving along in the campervan and singing this song.

Ok, so it's not quite a Routemaster but you get the idea! 



  1. Have a super time - fingers crossed for the weather!

  2. Have a wonderful time, snap lots of photos and eat something scrumptious at least once a day! I wish I could follow your "postcards" but, sadly, I have a very old-school phone. Sigh. I will wait anxiously for your posts when you return!

  3. Have a great time!!

    Leanne xx

  4. Happy holiday. I saw that film when it came out and I was just a teenager. I loved it and wanted to go a second time but my Mum put her foot down.

  5. Have a great campervan trip x