Wednesday, 24 July 2013


There's not been much pausing going on in my life so far this year.

Since last September I have been rushing around full pelt. 

There's not really been much chance to stop and breathe.

When I finished my PGCE on 9th September I looked at my diary and decided that I'd probably done some kind of university or school work every day since 1st January. That's 189 days without stopping!

So it's no surprise that it's taken me a while to return to normal. 

I've had to learn to slow down and stop. 
To take the time to pause and think. 
To switch my mind off. 

I've had to make sure that instead of arriving home from work and immediately switching on the laptop and moving straight onto the next task of the day, I just take time to sit and think

Cloud watching is the perfect activity for this.

On this particular day last week, it was gloriously sunny and not too hot. I made a cold drink, dragged out my yoga mat and a cushion and lay on the garden patio looking up at the sky. Before long I was completely free of all thoughts and worries and eventually drifted off into a sunny-puddle cat nap. It was bliss. Just what I needed.

I'm just about starting to feel human again and ready to enjoy the summer break.


  1. Hope you have a great summer. You've certainly earned a break.

    but...Oh no, I have all this to come!!

    1. Don't worry - you'll be fine! Pace yourself and you will get a rest. I always tried to have one day off at the weekend and I never worked past 11pm. x

  2. I absolutely love the angle of your photo! And hooray for "sunny-puddle cat naps." Bliss!