Sunday, 14 July 2013

I Am Now A...


I am still awaiting final confirmation from uni but all being well I have qualified with top marks for both my teaching practice and MA level assignments. 

As you can imagine I am over the moon but also completely overwhelmed by doing so well. Even though I've worked so unbelievably hard all year, I'm still surprised that I managed to pass. I now feel like I've got lots to do next year as an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) to prove that I'm actually half as good as my tutors think I am. 

Although I finished uni on Tuesday (with a lovely sunny picnic in a Central London square with all my uni friends) the holidays have not really begun quite yet. 

On Wednesday afternoon I went back to visit the children at the school where I had my first teaching placement. It was lovely to see them again and they were so excited to see me I felt like a celebratory. They had changed so much and all seemed ready for Year 2 in September. It was amazing to see how tall they had grown and how much more they were able to write now. They generally seemed a lot more mature now - well, if 6 year olds can be classed as mature!

On Thursday I spent the day in my new school. From September I will be the Nursery Class Teacher for 78 three and four year olds. The reason for the large number is because it is split morning and afternoon sessions so I have 39 children for each session. Luckily I will not be on my own - there are two lovely Early Years Practitioners to support me. When I officially start in September I have two weeks of home visits followed by a Play Day when the children can come in with their parents or carers. Then there is a gradual start to session attendance with 12 children on the Monday, followed by another 12 on the Wednesday and then everybody in from the next Monday. So I won't actually have a whole class until the end of September!

For now my head is full of how I can create a colourful, creative and effective learning environment for the children to enjoy. The SLT have given me the complete freedom to give the place a makeover so that it is exactly how I want it. There is part of me that is extremely excited about this prospect and another part that terrified by the thought of it.

I'll be in school for most of this week and a couple of days the following week before I have a four week break before heading back end of August to do more prep for September. Although it will be a holiday, I don't think my mind will be far from my new responsibilities and I will have to do my hardest to find time to switch off and relax. 

I guess this will be the first of many challenges for the foreseeable future. As we were told countless times by our uni tutors - teaching is a vocation not a job! 


  1. Congratulations! Well done you and very best wishes for your new career. I'm sure those 78 children will love being in your class.

  2. Congratulations!!! I'm sure you'll have great fun getting your classroom all set up, but make sure you make the most of your time off too!
    R x

  3. Congratulations!! What a lovely time for you - great weather, a summer holiday to relax a bit and then a new start for September. Are you teaching nursery or reception? I was a bit confused as you said nursery but then said age 4-5 which is reception to me.. at least around here, nursery age is 3-4 and reception 4-5?

    I'm going to be in a similar enviroment from September. I'm with a full time nursery class of 45 children and like you, it's a teacher and some EYPs. I'm really looking forward to it and would love to hear about your teaching experiences - maybe we can swap ideas!

  4. Oh Jo, Congratulations on your top marks! What an exciting time! 78 children are a lot to love. :) I look forward to blog posts on your room and your lessons. I imagine you will be spending at least a wee bit of your vacation time perusing pinterest!

  5. Congratulations! 78 lucky little children - you are going to be fab!

  6. Wow congratulations, I'm sure you are every bit as good as they think you are.
    Even 39 children sounds a lot to me lol.
    How wonderful to have complete freedom to makeover the place as you wish!

  7. Congratulations - that's just such brilliant news. What a journey - well done you. 78 do sound exhausting though... x

  8. Ooh, how exciting, well done!! I am really pleased for you, you're going to be a fantastic teacher. Your enthusiasm shines through.

    I think there are about 60 kids in my son's nursery which sounds loads but it's a brilliant place. x

  9. Congratulations to you, a super achievement!

  10. Very well done! It sounds like those kids are going to have a wonderful teacher in their lives. Have a gorgeous summer. x

  11. Congratulations! I'm starting a new job in September as an EYP in a pre-school setting, I've recently been with Y4's so quite a change!! Lovely to be able to put your own stamp on the place, can't wait to here your ideas :-)