Monday, 22 July 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy...1/52

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything, 
they just make the best of everything."

Having first found this 'blog project' on Gillian's brilliant Tales From A Happy House blog and then seeing that it originated with Jen's at lovely little birdy, I decided to jump on the bandwagon and post about four of the lovely simple, pleasures that have made me happy in the previous week. 

I always look forward to reading these on people's blogs and seeing the different things that people appreciate that are often linked to the seasons and celebrations. It's a lovely way to reflect and acknowledge all the little things that make up a year, especially when they seem to pass by in a flash.

Now I've just finished my PGCE course and now as I venture out as a NQT it seemed like the perfect moment to start this. It will include these six weeks of summer holiday and then follow the whole year round to me finishing my induction teaching year next July. 

The first year as a teacher comes with different challenges and expectations. Some experienced teachers have told me that it's better than the PGCE year and others have said that it is far worse. I'm prepared to work hard but I'm also hoping that being settled for a whole year in a school that appears to be full of extremely kind, friendly and supportive staff, will make it a pleasurable one. 

Whatever happens, I want to make sure that it doesn't pass in a blur and I remember and appreciate all the lovely things that happen week by week and would like to share them with you.

So here goes. 
This is the start of my holidays. 
The start of a new adventure - both in life and blog.

Our garden - full of pink and white, bunting and blooms. Mr P spent the weekends in May and June pottering in the garden, putting up trellis and buying some lovely plants to make it look colourful and cosy and ready for me to relax and entertain when my course ended. Little did we know that it was going to coincide with a period of amazing weather! We've had lots of al fresco dinners and it was lovely to use this space when my uni friends came over for afternoon tea. It is now lovely to get home in the evenings and relax in it. Bliss!

Figs - we received this fig tree from my best friend and her partner as an engagement present back in 2009. We put it in our north-facing back garden in the past few summers we've had a few figs but not much to speak of. This year I decided to move it to the south-facing front garden and with the help of the hot, sunny weather it is producing lots of figs that seem to grow bigger and bigger every time I leave the house. I can't wait to enjoy them with some goats cheese - mmm!

A midweek night at the races - a special treat from Mr P to celebrate the end of having to study in the evenings. Last Wednesday we went with Mum and Dad to Sandown Park for the evening's races. I do love a flutter, going on my gut instinct or a name that triggers a memory or meaning. Having said that it wasn't a very successful evening - I only had one win but that didn't matter as there was a lovely atmosphere. The races were followed by a performance by Madness. We thought they would be only on for a few songs but they were actually on stage for about 90 minutes. It was a hot and balmy evening but lots of fun! 

Beach huts - Colourful beach huts make me so happy. I love looking at the different ways they've been painted and peeking in to see the little kitchens and seating areas. They're like wendy houses for grown ups! These were taken at West Wittering last weekend when we went for our second visit of the summer. I'm thinking these would be perfect for me and Mr P - definitely his and hers! 


  1. Lovely happies, I'm all for a bit of impromptu Madness! Have a fab summer :-)

    1. Madness was slightly bonkers though - a fight broke out after the first thirty seconds of them coming on stage. Despite the fisticuffs, it was great! x

  2. This is great, it's lovely to see you joining in too and what a great time for you to start this project. Your garden is looking great.

    1. Thanks Louise - it's nice to have it looking good while it's sunny and have the time to enjoy it! x

  3. Just reading your post filled me with cheer! Your garden looks so cozy and bright, and I want one of those little houses by the sea. This is such a great idea for blog posts... always helpful to focus on the happy little things!

  4. Yes, it's been a great summer so far for gardens. Unfortunately, ours seems to have gone into autumn mode!

    1. Oh no, not autumn already! I hope the rain starts to cheer it up a little! x