Friday, 28 June 2013

Letter To My Younger Self

Inspired by these.

Dear Jo

Wow, you are 16! At times I know you thought it would take forever to reach that age. When you look back on it in 15 years time, it will sometimes feel like a lifetime ago and at other times it will feel like just last week.

The world is at your feet and you can do anything you want. Don't let people's comments put you off or make you feel like a lesser person. In years to come you will do things that will prove them wrong. Ignore them and stick to your guns.

As you get older the high expectations you have of yourself will become even greater and will sometimes overpower you. Keep focused and channel them wisely. When I think about it now, had I realised you were so motivated and competitive before, you probably could have achieved so much more. But on the flipside, keep everything in perspective and never stop laughing - at yourself, at the world around you and at life in general. 

You will always stay close to home and don't be embarrassed by it. Embrace London and love it.

While home will always stay the same, life will constantly change and you'll make so many lovely friends along the way. You may never have a big group of buddies from one place but you'll have a collection of lots of wonderful people from different aspects of your life who will make you laugh, give you hugs, support you when you need it and fill you with tea and cake. Their husbands, partners, children and family will become a huge and precious part of your world. Love them. Value them.

Paths in life will intertwine and things that happen in the next few years will have a huge impact on the rest of your life. Go with your gut instinct - especially when it comes to your first Saturday job. It will lead to amazing things!

In not too many years from now, you will meet someone very lovely. He will make you so happy. At times life will be tough for you both but look after each other and it will make you stronger. Don't try to change him. He will always be a night owl and never learn to iron. 

Don't leave it until 30 to feel comfortable enough to be yourself. Make sure you do the following sooner rather than later:

  • Start using your gut instinct to live your life. It will often be the right choice and you'll kick yourself afterwards.
  • Go and see Oasis live
  • Start drinking tea - it will make you feel better and goes nicely with cake (a key feature of your adult life)
  • And coffee - although only the good stuff
  • Keep crafting. It seems so uncool now but you'll be a Trendy Wendy come 2008.
  • Wear lots of red. It will make you feel happy.
  • Start collecting Emma Bridgewater china. It will be worth something in years to come.
  • Grow a fringe and keep it. Don't grow/cut, grow/cut. You know it suits you best.
  • Start eating fish again. It's yummy.
  • Wear very silly shoes while you can.
  • Enjoy watching sport. You know you like it, so it's a shame to avoid it because it's not what you think you should be doing. Certain events in 2012 will make it so different.
When you are nearing 30 you will wonder what happened in your 20s and it will at times feel like a lost decade. Don't get despondent. Remember that you had fun and had the opportunity to do so much and it was just part of the big adventure that is life. It will be a rollercoaster time but you will get where you want to be in the end and you'll be all the better person for it.

Love life. Love others. Smile and Laugh. 
You'll discover that these are the secrets to making you happy.

31 year old You.

PS: Don't cry too much when Take That split up. They'll be back and better than ever.


  1. This is lovely. It's from the heart. I am now wondering what I would say to my 16 year old self.

    So exciting to see Murray get through to the last 16! x

  2. Wonderful post - I agree about wearing red. :)

  3. awww...what a lovely letter - I had to laugh at the PS - so cute! There is a lot you write here that others can draw upon...we live such varied and different lives but there are some things which are universal. Big hug xxx