Sunday, 9 June 2013

Happy Birthday Mrs Mog

This week Judith Kerr celebrates her 90th birthday. 

For some she is loved for creating tigers who come to tea or writing her story of numerous moves around Europe at the dawn of the Second World War in When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit.

But I simply love her for creating my favourite storybook-cat, Mog.

Beautiful, naughty, grumpy but loveable Mog. 

Oh, how I wanted her to come and live in my house!
Oh, how I wanted a cat to lick my hair like a tiger!
Oh, how I wanted to feed my cat boiled eggs!

If you didn't grow up enjoying her books and have young children, they are well worth taking a look at. They are a must for cat lovers old and young!

Happy Birthday Judith Kerr!


  1. You introduced me to Judith Kerr in a previous blog post; isn't it interesting how characters from the books that we loved as children now seem like old friends? I think we should all eat some cake in Ms. Kerr's honor!

  2. The Tiger Who Came To Tea was one of my absolute favourite stories as a child and I now get so much pleasure from reading it to my kids. They love it too - just goes to show that storytelling like that never dates. And we love Mog, Mog is the best. x

    1. And thanks for all your lovely comments - especially the ideas for what to (or not to!) give teachers as gifts and for reminding me to think of any student teachers and LSAs/TAs. x