Sunday, 2 June 2013

Barnaby Bear Goes To The Seaside

Last week was half term and I was lucky enough to have Barnaby Bear stay with us for the week.

If, as a parent, you've not had the pleasure of Barnaby's company, then let me explain. He's a teddy bear used throughout the UK by teachers who want to encourage children to talk about their home experiences at school. Barnaby's usually sent home with a child at the end of the day for either an overnight or weekend adventure. He's also used as a prompt for writing as many teachers ask children to complete a diary of what he does on his visit. 

My placement class teacher decided that he should go home with me for half term - probably as I offered to give him a good wash because he was getting a bit wiffy. I didn't do as much with him as I would have liked (I spent most of the week doing planning and assessment or hibernating trying to recover from a hideous 3 week cold!) but it was nice to take him out for a visit to the seaside last Sunday. 

I've just written my page for Barnaby's special visit book. 

This is what I wrote:

During the May Half Term Holidays, Barnaby Bear came with me to visit the seaside. We went to West Wittering in Sussex and it took a long time to travel there in the car. As it was a very warm, sunny day we made sure we were protected from the sun by putting our sunscreen on. We both put a big dollop on our noses.

First of all we ate a delicious picnic. Barnaby really liked the healthy salads and cherry cake. Then we had a bit of a sleep in the sunshine, before going for a long walk on the beach. We had lots of fun walking on the sand, even though Barnaby said it stuck to his paws and made them feel funny. To get his paws clean again, he had a nice paddle in the sea. He thought it was lots of fun.

 I had a great day with Barnaby Bear. I hope you do too!

Love Mrs D x


  1. My daughter brought home "Looby Lou Doll" in reception last year, and my son "Adventure Ted" from nursery this year. They rotate it so that each child gets a turn.

    It's lovely for the kids but I did spend both weekends praying that we didn't leave the doll/bear behind in the park or swimming pool! x

  2. We don't have this at my school, I wonder if they will where I'm going in September? I'm sure the children will love hearing about Barnaby's trip to the seaside with you!

  3. Oh, we've had Barnaby. Somewhat less enthusiastically than you.
    I swear you teacher people do it so you can have a good laugh at us parents.

  4. What a great idea! And lucky you, visiting the beach.