Friday, 31 May 2013

The End Of Spring

I'm reusing this spring picture - it's too lovely not to enjoy again.
Spring Greens
Bulbs in pots,
Twigs in jars,
Dads in the street, washing cars.
Greens in season,
Trees in bud,
Sky in puddles,
Ripples in mud.
Birds in bushes, singing loud,
Sun tucked up in a bed of cloud.

Shirley Hughes - Out and About (1998)

This one of my favourite seasonal poems but this spring I'm not sure I've seen any Dads washing their cars in the street. But on so many occasions the sun has been tucked up cosily behind the clouds - for days on end.

Tomorrow sees the arrival of June and the start of the summer months.

However when we look back on Spring 2013 will always feel a bit short changed and remember only the coldness and rain? 

It was the coldest spring in my lifetime. It was a snowy April Easter and some parts of the UK saw snow in May.

I think I have been out once so far without a coat and I've definitely always been with a cardy.

I'm hoping Summer 2013 will be memorable - for the right reasons!

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  1. Snow on Easter really does seem a bit much! I hope that the sunshine finds you, especially for your camper trip; I am very much looking forward to pictures. Happy June!