Thursday, 4 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee

Did you watch The Great British Sewing Bee on Tuesday evening?

The GBSB Team

I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I loved The Great British Bake Off for the first couple of series (at the time I was working in the BBC office department that had commissioned it and believe me, it was a very exciting time watching such rave reviews come in) but during the last series started to get a little tired of the repetitiveness. Although The GBSB has followed the same formula, I found it really exciting and engaging.

It was lovely to see such a diverse group of people - men and women, old and young - joined together by something they all shared a passion for. I particularly enjoyed seeing how the men, having never made skirts and dresses before, tackled the challenges. 

I thought that the judges - both adopting Mary and Paul's good cop/bad cop roles - were both critical but constructive in their comments about the garments and it was interesting to see what they were looking for, especially how skill and precision somewhat outweighed creativity. 

For once, Claudia Winkleman did not annoy me (although I've quite enjoyed listening to her on Radio 2 this week). She seemed to rein herself in  and I thought the quirky comments she made were actually better than Mel and Sue's mindless banter.

Have you got a favourite contestant yet? During my 'study breaks' yesterday I found that there is already an official Facebook site and that some of the contestants have their own blogs/websites. You can find Tilly's here - I was very impressed by the risks she chose to take (and I also thought her hair was very nice). I was also drawn to Lauren and her attention to detail and can't wait to see how Ann and Sandra adapt their knowledge and skills to meet the challenges. Wasn't Ann's blouse revamp lovely? I would definitely buy something like that if only you could spot such detail on the high street.

Although I don't really have the time to sew and craft at the moment, the programme has really made me want to get the sewing machine out and have a dabble. I'm not a very confident dressmaker (I had a very bad experience at secondary school) but would love to be able to concoct my own creations using quirky materials and be able to ensure that the sleeves always fit my unusually short arms! 

Oh well, perhaps I should embrace the inspiration and start thinking about little projects for the summer holidays! I know that for the next few weeks I'm going to have a new favourite programme.

PS: Did you know what a Steam Punk was before watching Tuesday's programme? No, me neither! x


  1. I absolutely loved it Jo, it's really inspired me to dust of my sewing machine and have a go at some more ambitious garments. I have a soft spot for Tilly as I've been following her blog a while (and have a bit of a girl crush on her), but I loved Ann as well. I was so impressed with the creative ideas they came up with for the blouse revamp - I would have just sewn a few buttons on, and even that would have been challenge in 60 minutes!!

    PS I had heard of Steampunk and sort of knew what it looked like, but his description really helped! :)

    1. Mr P was very pleased with himself because he'd already heard of Steam Punks. I can't believe I'd never heard of it. I thought they looked like perfect extras for a Dr Who episode - very cool! x

  2. I only saw half of it so didn't really get into it. When I heard the title I got all excited but am less so now that I know it is going to be mostly dressmaking, although maybe it will inspire me to have a go as making my own clothes would be a wonderful skill to have! I did find the "how to make a laundry bag" bit really annoying though - it was possibly the worst "tutorial" I've ever seen!
    PS. And I did know what Steam Punk was too - I have two nephews who are rather into it!
    R x

    1. I really am out the loop! That said, I was calling Emos 'Nemos' (as in the fish) for ages! Sometimes I think I must be 81 not 31! x

  3. Yes, I watched and quite enjoyed it. Not convinced the formula works as well for needles and thread as it does for eggs and flour, though. Love judge Patrick Grant's side parting!

  4. That sounds like a very interesting show! We have all sorts of cooking programs, and there was a crafting competition on for awhile, but I've never seen anything focused just on sewing.