Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Great British Sewing Bee - Week 2

Another fantastic watch this week.

Lovely Ann
I can't be the only person who wants to adopt Ann as their surrogate grandmother? 

She's amazing! It makes me feel very sad that my own dressmaking, knitting Grandma (pronounced Gramma - she was Welsh) passed away when I was 19 and just starting to get properly interested in crafting. I would have loved to have benefitted from all her wisdom acquired over so many years (she was 93 when she died) and taken advantage of her skills by asking her to alter and make me bespoke items. 

Back to Ann though - she's lovely and her comments are brilliant, especially the one about boys wearing jeans made by their mother. But my favourite quote from Ann this week was...

"I'd rather do something simple and do it well, 
than something complicated and full flat on my face."

Wise words! Even though they didn't prove particularly successful for Ann, I think I'll be carrying this motto with me throughout this week!

I was sad to see Mark and Tilly leave. It would have be nice to see the other exciting period creations that Mark could have made and I always liked whatever Tilly made or wore, but I think they were probably the right choices. Onto the semi-final now - definitely hot competition between Ann and Sandra, Lauren always selects such pretty material and designs and Stuart could speed ahead if he chose to create another innovative design.

And one more thing for this week. 
Where can I buy a Stuart style tulip skirt? Absolutely gorgeous!


  1. I'm loving it so much! I did laugh at Ann's jeans comment, she's certainly on the ball for an 80-odd year old! The programme is inspiring me so much to try new things with sewing - such as trousers! All I ever make are gathered skirts and dresses but I'm itching to try some new skillz.

    I think this series has gone far too fast - it would have been nice to have a few episodes with no-one being voted off at the beginning of the series, to really get a feel for each person. I think the next series will be longer for for sure, I reckon they've been surprised by how popular it's proved!

    (Sorry for the long ramble, just totally obsessed at the mo! Hope all is well work-wise! xx)

  2. I will have to see if I can find this on the internet. I am wondering if it is a bit like the Project Runway program we have here - designers compete to create and sew a new outfit that meets given guidelines each week. Someone is eliminated after every challenge. I don't watch it often, but it is Bronte's favorite.

  3. I am loving this series too! It's brilliant. The best kind of reality tv, just interesting people doing fun and useful things with skills they've learn't. Plus, Claudia Winkleman is in it - I love her. x