Monday, 8 April 2013

Spring Sunday

A sunnier weekend meant that there were no excuses not to go out for a walk.

We headed to one of our favourite National Trust sites, Cliveden in Berkshire.

We tiptoed through the last of the primroses...

and admired the beautiful daffodils.

It does seem that they've come out later than usual and don't seem as cheerful. They're probably suffering from the cold and lack of sun as much as the rest of us.

I also endured a Bear Grylls adventure using a stick and hair bobble to retrieve a beautiful, big pine cone from the other side of a high fence. 

Hair bobbles are such handy things!

Finally we took a walk through the new Cliveden Maze. With my navigation skills we found the middle quite quickly. In fact, it seemed like much longer to find our way out. I won't say who was leading then! ;0)

Celebrating getting to the middle of the maze

What did you do with your sunnier Sunday?


  1. What a beautiful place to spend a sunny day! We watched a General Conference for our church, feasted on finger foods and celebrated Paul's mission call. Beginning July 3rd, he will spend two years serving in the Georgia Atlanta mission - he will probably come home with a Southern drawl! :)

  2. There were lots of things I should have done but it seems I made (and ate far too many) cupcakes.

  3. I know what you mean about the daffodils - it's not a vintage bulb year at all is it?

  4. A lovely way to spend the day. Not many daffodils out around here yet at all! We had a lovely sunny Saturday and spent it visiting an NT property (blogged already) and took a lovely walk on Sunday, though it wasn't as sunny or warm.