Thursday, 4 April 2013

PinkCat Tweaks

This afternoon I should be reading the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework but instead I've been exploring new blogs and tweaking my own. I have an excuse - it's snowing outside and snow in April is a very distracting thing.


I'm jumping on the bloglovin' bandwagon in the hope that I can follow your blogs more easily when I'm out and about.

You can even find me there.

In fact, it was quite fun to enter my blog name and see all my previous posts pop up...
(You can tell I'm not getting out much right now!)

I've also...

added some Pinterest and Twitter buttons (look to your right and up a bit) so you can find me on there.

I do so love Pinterest. I'm finding it an amazing resource for teaching ideas and love the way I can pick and choose all sorts of exciting snippets. I also seem to pin lots of hairstyles and clothes. I think that probably half of the current White Stuff summer clothing range has found its way onto there. There's also a lot of food. 

Are you a Pinterest fan? What do you pin?


One more cup of tea and then I had better pick up a highlighter pen and start reading: 
Ye Shall Procrastinate No Further!


  1. *Groans* not another pinterest to nosy at!! I'm not on pinterest but I do love checking out other people's pins! Trouble is, when I do, I end up wasting so much time - that's why I refuse to sign up! I've just had a very quick peek at your and am definitely going to check out the schooly ones - I love the quiet spray and the calm down jar - it must be packed full of great classroom tips on pinterest.

    Happy reading!

  2. Love Pinterest! I've found loads of ideas for home-ed - plus of course lots of lovely quilty stuff too!

  3. Total Pinterest addict here! Recipes, crafty things and ideas for my Sunday School class top my list. But I also enjoy dreaming about home decor and travel...

  4. Hello there! Hope you are enjoying the Easter hols and having a nice break. Thanks for reminding me to put a bloglovin button on my blog too - seems like it's the way to go and it's so easy to use. I don't use pinteret that much, I find it dangerously addictive. Between facebook, blogging and email I don't need another online distraction!

    Gillian x

  5. Pinterest is like looking to pages of an endless magazine.