Wednesday, 3 April 2013

London From On High

In the past year I've admired London from an assortment of high viewpoints: the Olympic Orbit, the London Eye, the Monument (commemorating the Great Fire of London), and the windows of the Savoy Hotel on New Year's Eve. In the summer we even soared across the skies in a helicopter, rode on the Emirates AirLine across the River Thames and climbed over the top of the 02 in Greenwich.

On a freezing Saturday in February, we headed up to town to take in the view from London's newest vantage point, The Shard.

Old & New London -
 The Old Operating Theatre Museum and The Shard

It did not disappoint. The pictures speak for themselves.

It's always amazing to see the blend of old and new that can be found across the city. Every year there seems to be a new building springing up. It is not really that long ago that we were shocked by the the Gherkin and now it feels like it has been there forever. 

I'm always amazed by the view of London's infrastructure when you see it from above.

It is so interesting to see how the railways and roads weave their way through the city. The network of railway tracks into Waterloo and London Bridge are fascinating, especially where they cleverly cross the river. Trains and cars always look so tiny from above - it's like a little Lego world.

I love the way London is always changing. Capital cities shouldn't really stay the same, they should change to reflect the social and economic needs of the people that live in them and the visitors that flock to them. We all moan about changes when they seem daunting and progressive but I feel we should just embrace them. Look at the beautiful Festival Hall building - thought of as a hideous concrete block back in the 1950s and now it's seen as an icon of its age. 

I wonder, what will be the architecture icons of today?


  1. A very interesting post and the views are amazing, but I have to say I feel queasy now! London horrifies me, it's so huge and packed full of buildings! I'm not good with cities, I'm not good with towns if I'm honest, I'd much rather be in the middle of a field somewhere! That said, I know London has a lot of good bits and there are so many places I want to go to there - like the natural history museum and Tower Bridge.

    I spent a day in Camden once and made Dave hold my hand all the time in case I got lost in the enormous city. I did the same when we went to Birmingham!

  2. What wonderful photos! Thanks for allowing me an armchair travel ;)