Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Doubly Good News!

I've been absent for a couple of weeks but it's not all been bad stuff and busyness.

Please join me with a cup of tea and a biscuit to celebrate two pieces of good news!

Firstly, I passed my Numeracy QTS Test. All trainees (and from last September all those applying for teacher training courses) must pass this and a similar Literacy test to acquire Qualified Teacher Status. It's supposed to be a 'professional qualification' meaning that the skills you use for it are ones that you would use as a teacher but not actual teaching.

I sat my Literacy QTS Test back in November as I was very confident I would pass first time (and did) but I put my Numeracy test off time after time because I never found the headspace to solidly revise. I was also anxious about it and conscious that mental arithmetic is a real weakness having relied on calculators for so many years.

Luckily I found plenty of time over the Easter break and sat the test at 8.30am on a rainy Tuesday morning. I felt it was touch and go and was sure I hadn't passed but I was delighted to come out of the exam room and be given the slip of paper that began with the word 'Congratulations'. Brilliant! And at 9.30am on Oxford Street what more can you do but head to John Lewis and treat yourself to some lovely Liz Earle face products?

Another Tuesday morning, a week later and I was heading off for my first proper 'teacher' interview at an infant and nursery school. I had to teach a 20 minute maths lesson to Year 1 (multiples of 5) and be grilled by the headteacher, deputy and key stage leader. It all went well: the children were lovely and very accommodating towards this random, very nervous newbie, and the interview panel put me at ease, seemingly making all the right noises.

I then went off to an afternoon ICT session at uni in attempt to stop me looking at my phone every five minutes to see if the school had called. I had just left uni, when the headteacher phoned to offer me a place for September. 


It's an understatement to say that I'm absolutely delighted. It is a lovely school, the staff seem very friendly and welcoming. I'll be on a 1 year maternity contract but will have my own class and be provided with the same NQT Induction Year training as if I were a permanent employee.

In the past week I've been celebrating the good news with champagne, dinner in a swanky restaurant with Mr P and Sunday Lunch at a country pub with Mum and Dad. The best has to be a trip to McDonalds en route to our dancing lesson on the day I got the good news because we didn't have time to do anything grander.

It is lovely to know what I will be doing once the PGCE is over and begin to think about what sort of teacher I will be when I have a class of my own. You imagine it throughout the whole year but it doesn't quite ever feel real. I don't think it will quite sink in until I have a classroom of my own to prepare for the autumn term and 30 little people to get to know. 

Now I just have 11 final, busy weeks to survive. This includes 1 presentation, a final draft to submit of the BIG essay and 8 weeks on a Reception class placement where I will have my trial go at being the teacher for 5 weeks. I'm rather nervous especially as it is an Academy and they are notorious for having high expectations but I keep reminding myself that it is all good experience that will put me in a great position for being a confident teacher in a school of my choice in the Autumn.

Totally scary but exciting stuff ahead!


  1. Oh, congratulations and well done you!

  2. Congratulations again! Great news, very exciting!

  3. I am so happy for you - congratulations! You are going to be FAB!

  4. Congratulations on all of the big accomplishments! I am so happy for you. :)

  5. Wow, big congratulations to you!! How exciting, and what a relief. You'll be brilliant. x