Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Month In Words: March

At 1 day and 11 hours, I'm getting this done much earlier than last month. 
I can't believe I was posting February's only a few days ago - whoops!

March was a bonkers month: so very very busy and so very very cold. I don't think I ever thought the freezing temperatures, snow and greyness and my ridiculous workload would end. 

But I survived and lived to tell the tale!

Goodbye! Last Day @ Placement School
March saw the end of my first and longest teaching placement. I'd been based in the school on and off since September so it was a very sad Friday when I left. I had got to know the children and staff really well and had a lovely time there. I also feel I was given the opportunity to really grow as a teacher: by the end of the placement I was being left alone to teach the class for the entire day! I had a lovely send-off: lots of cards and flowers and promises to go back and visit in the summer.

With the need to concentrate hard to write my essay, I returned to my favourite composer to listen to while studying. Debussy is so calm and peaceful, I always find I'm able to switch off from everything around me and am then able to completely focus on what I'm doing. I always put it on in my Year 1 class when I wanted the children to be calm during handwriting practice and it worked every time. Highly recommended!

Wishy Washy
First weekday of the Easter holidays and I spent it washing, cleaning and doing all the household jobs that I'd not been able to do for the past few weeks. It was utter bliss to see the flat turn from a pigsty to a sparkly, clean home. Then I enjoyed putting up all my Easter decorations. It is amazing how you can hate doing housework most of the time but how brilliant it makes you feel when the house is clean and tidy. There must be some truth in the proverb: a tidy house makes for a tidy mind.

GOOD Friday
Apart from it being the start of the long Easter weekend (4 whole days with Mr P and no uni/school work to do!), I had some good news on Good Friday. I visited a school last week and submitted an application for a teaching post the next day. On Friday I had an email asking me to come in to teach a sample lesson and attend an interview after the holidays. It was a big surprise as on the visit the headteacher said that they would call on Thursday afternoon to let people know if they had been shortlisted, so by the evening when I had not heard I assumed that I had been unsuccessful. The school is lovely, in the perfect location and has a really happy, creative atmosphere. It is also a nursery and infant school, so exactly the age group I wanted to work with. Now I'm busy planning and preparing for the interview and lesson: two weeks today!


  1. Oh good luck with the interview - keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Happy Easter! Hope the interview goes well for you and you get the outcome you want.

  3. I agree that a tidy house makes for a tidy mind - perhaps that is why I am so often boggled ;). Good luck on your interview!