Thursday, 28 March 2013

A Month In Words: February

You don't have to tell me, I realise this is VERY late. March has been such a bonkers *(not to mention freezing) month, I'm glad it is almost over. Anyway, back to February: what happened then?

Apologies for the dark photos - February was a dark and gloomy month!

Biscuit & Jo Whiley 
On Valentine's Day one of my little pupil's gave me a homemade heart shaped biscuit because he said "I was the nicest and prettiest teacher ever". I was touched and that evening when Jo Whiley (Radio 2 Evening Show DJ) wanted to hear what people had been given, I emailed her and shortly afterwards she read it on air. Jo Whiley is one of my favourite TV/Radio personalities - I want her to be my trendy best friend as much as I want Miranda Hart and Clare Balding to come to dinner - so I was really touched when she said how much student teachers deserve a treat!

Toes Check
Back at the hospital for more probing at my feet and looking at my bunions. More x-rays and the possibility of a nasty steroid injection that would put me off my feet  for 2-3 days. Remembering the pain I had last year when I had a course of acid injections, I was feeling rather worried as it was meant to be an altogether more serious procedure. 
A bit of an update...Yesterday I went to my appointment and the consultant decides that it doesn't make any sense to have the injection. He said the x-ray showed my toe joints are looking much better and that he know thinks the pain could be caused by tendon problems. So an ultrasound is now booked to look into that. It's endless, I fear it will never be resolved!

City Oink, Baa, Neigh
With some uni friends I visited Mudchute City Farm to pretend that we were going on a school trip in preparation for a presentation to our tutor group. We had to make risk assessments and plan each stage of the visit in detail, exactly as we would if we were taking a class of 30 Year 1 children. We had such a fun time let out together to do the research, it really didn't feel like work. The farm is great and well worth visiting if you're in the Docklands area. It's free of charge to walk round and has a very nice cafe which on a cold February day sold lovely warming drinks!

Mudchute City Farm - A bit of the country in the city

Super Shard
One of my Christmas presents from Mr P was tickets to visit The Shard. We went with my parents on a very snowy February Saturday and despite it being absolutely freezing at the top, had an amazing time. The view is awesome and although you have a timed slot to arrive you don't need to be out by a certain time, so we spent about 90 minutes taking it all in. Highly recommended!

The top of The Shard

Puttin' On The Ritz
A pre-birthday treat to see Anton Du Beke and Erin Boag's dance show in Eastbourne. Again we with my parents and again it was snowing. The show was brilliant, the dancing amazing and Anton's humour very cheeky and tongue in cheek. He will be a brilliant candidate to take over from Brucie if he ever leaves his SCD role. Beautiful costumes and lovely music. I left wishing I could only dance half as good as Erin!

Big Day Tomorrow!
On 1st March I was due to have my final supervisor observation for this placement. I had spent the evening preparing all my lesson plans and resources for the next day. I went to bed feeling very nervous (I was teaching Maths!) but also a bit excited.

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  1. What a breathtaking month you had! I was very intrigued by "the Shard" and clicked the link to explore. One more place to visit if I make it to London! I hope that you are able to resolve all of the issues with your foot, that must be terribly frustrating.