Friday, 22 February 2013


I haven't done one of these for ages but saw it on Shannon's blog. They quite daft but remind me of all the little questionnaires I did in magazines as a teenager.

As it's my birthday next week and I will be firmly planted in my 30s (31!), I regressed to the 1990s and decided to spend a few minutes 'throwing' my own ABCs list together.

A - Available or married?  Married for 2 and a half years but I've been with Mr P for 13 years next Tuesday. 

B - Book?  When it's not PGCE related, I've been whipping through odd books on my Kindle. I've just finished Jacqueline Wilson's new book Queenie (teacher research!) and before that read Andy Murray's auto-biography

C - Cake or pie? If we're talking about sweet things, then definitely cake. Sponge or fruit, I'm happy!

D - Drink of choice?  If it's a hot drink, then a Gingerbread Latte. If it's cold then I quite like Elderflower Cider.

E - Essential item?  iPod, camera and lipbalm.

F - Favorite colour?  Pink or Red.

G - Game to play or watch?  Not really a game, but I love a good jigsaw puzzle.

H - Hometown?  Shepherds Bush, London.

I - Indulgence?  Perfume and candles from Angela Flanders.

J - Job?  One the road to becoming a Primary School Teacher. Currently busy making lots of applications.

K - Kids and names?  Not yet but hopefully one day.

L - Life is incomplete without? Family, friends and a cat.

M - Music group or singer?  Kate Rusby

N - Number of siblings?  Zero!

O - Oranges or apples?  Apples, although I have to be very careful as they sometimes bring me out in a rash.

P - Phobias/ fears?  Missing deadlines. Being late. Not getting everything done. Disappointing people.

Q - Favorite Quote?  "A diamond is merely a lump of coal that did well under pressure."

R - Reason to smile?  Always my godchildren and all the other little ones belonging to my nearest and dearest.

S - Season?  I always would have said Autumn and Winter, but I can't decide now. I like all seasons and the anticipation of what's going to happen as each one comes around. Seasons are one of the things I really look forward to teaching and celebrating next year.

T - Tattoos?  No. I don't really like them, so won't be getting one soon.

U - Unknown fact about me?  My first job was working at the Hanson fanclub in between GCSEs and A Levels. They paid me £45 a week.

V - Vegetable you love?  Parsnips, potatoes, and leeks - but pretty much everything!

W - Worst habit?  Worrying and procrastinating!

X - X-rays you've had?  Lots on my feet looking at my bunions - eeew!  

Y - Your favorite food?  The hardest question of all. I love everything but never turn down a roast dinner, preferably pork.

Z - Zodiac?  Pisces. I'd love to have the relaxed, creative personality, but seem to possess the more negative characteristics: escapist, indecisive and oversensitive!

Please feel free to join me on a regressing few minutes and share your ABCs.


  1. An interesting read!

    I thought I was the only one around 30 to have a bunion!! I've never worn heals or anything, I got mine after I stubbed by big toe really hard, I think it was hard enough to break a bone in my foot and cause a bunion. It's often painful now (years later) but I've never seen a doctor about it.

    1. I think mine are caused by a mixture of genes (both grandmothers have them) and lots of ballet when I was growing up. I've been to the hospital this often and are going to have some steroid injections at Easter to try to ease the pain. I've already had some kind of acid injected and orthotic insoles but they haven't helped. I just wished I'd worn more silly shoes in my teens before the pain started! x

  2. Thanks for playing, I do love learning new things about people! I didn't know that we share a favorite color. I agree about tattoos... I have a love/hate relationship with mine. I got it 20+ years ago in college, and really wish I wouldn't have - but my roommate has a matching one, so when I see it, it does remind me of all of the fun we had together. And my children enjoy the shock value of telling their friends that their very conservative Mom has a tattoo! :)

    1. It's nice that you have good memories about getting your tattoo even if your not so sure about it now. I bet your children must think you were quite radical when you were younger! One of my favourite singers from my teens had a dolphin tattoo on his groin. Now I wonder if he's had it lasered as I can't imagine he thinks it's great to have a cute dolphin on display in your 40s! x

  3. Very interesting! These things are fun - they remind me of magazine quizzes to find out what "sort" of person you are. Lovely to learn a little more about you.

    Gillian x

  4. Ah you and I are so similar - "Life is incomplete without a cat"!