Sunday, 3 February 2013

A Month In Words: January

Throughout 2011 and 2012 I filled in an emoticon calendar to document how each day had gone. They started off as simply smiley or sad faces and then developed into all sorts of creative faces.

This year I decided to do something different and record a 'word of the day' on our bedroom calendar.

I thought it would be a nice way to document the ups and downs of the year and force me to reflect on the day in a positive way.

January had an awful lot of food listed. There was also the last few Christmas festivities, lots of snow and numerous illnesses and accidents.

My new Celtic & Co Sheepskin Mocassin Slippers. There were a very late Christmas present from Mr P. They should have arrived before Christmas but two days before the big day, my husband received an email to say that they were still being made. He did buy me a lovely pair of red cable knit slipper-boots to make up for it and since these have arrived I've had two pairs of slippers to keep my toes warm (much needed this month).

Salty Dog
Training to teach Early Years has given me the perfect excuse to indulge in some CBeebies. At the moment I love Old Jack's Boat with the fantastically amazing* Bernard Cribbins. It makes me want to go and live by the sea with all the other extremely eccentric characters - I'm sure I'd fit in. The bright skys and blue sea works wonders on dull wintery days!

My PGCE course has proved to be the perfect effortless diet. I've lost 1 stone (6.3kg) since September without even trying. I've gone down two dress sizes and when I needed to buy some new trousers for school, managed to get into size 12 corduroys. I was so pleased with myself that I bought two pairs: navy and black. Now I'm on a mission to keep the weight off and lose at least another half a stone before the summer. I'd better not venture into the staffroom at playtime!

Bargain Thursday
Mr P has discovered that if you go wander around our local supermarket at 6pm on a Thursday evening, you may be lucky and get a second-mark down. For the past few weeks we've had wonderful joints of pork and beef for a fraction of the price. He's also bought pheasant and duck for just a couple of £s. Our Sunday teas have been super and we've had very yummy sandwiches. The best thing is that now Mr B has a brilliant incentive to go shopping at a particular time, he now doesn't moan about going. Bonus!

So that was January. 
What is February going to bring?

*I have clearly spent too much time with my Year 1 class trying to squeeze at least two adjectives into every sentence.


  1. With that handwriting, I would have guessed you were a teacher if I hadn't known! The words for 14th Jan don't sound too good! This is a fun idea though and a nice way to document everyday life.

  2. I love the idea of a word each day; I do a photo a day, such a fun way to capture memories. And congrats on the weight loss - losing enough to merit new clothes is definitely something to celebrate! Just so your Mr. P doesn't find cakes and chocolates on second mark-down ;)

  3. What a lovely idea! Wish I'd known about this at New Year (I'm far too anal to start something like this mid-Feb!). I have been trying to keep my diary updated just with what I've done each day though, so I can look back on it and know where the time has gone!