Wednesday, 2 January 2013

This Is Me...Now

Me in 2013 - made on the amazing Twinkl Avatar Creator

Life certainly feels quite different to what it was two years ago in 2011 when I started this blog.

"I always wanted to be a Primary School Teacher but ended up being a Personal Assistant. They are very different careers, but people control skills 
are essential for both jobs."

Isn't hindsight an amazing thing? If I'd known I would be training to be a Primary School Teacher now, then I wouldn't have worried about the future so much then.

Anyway, although I don't want this blog to get bogged down with the ins and outs of the PGCE training, I thought it a good idea to let you know what I'm up to right now.

I'm really enjoying my course. If you've done a PGCE yourself or someone close to you has, you'll know that it's a tough, whirlwind year. There is so much to cover and so little time to do it in. It's hard for the university to teach you everything you need to know and ensure you're in school long enough to gain lots of practical experience. The days are long and I'm often working late in the evening and all day and night at the weekends.

But it is brilliant and even when I'm so tired and overwhelmed with work, I know I've made the correct career choice. I love being in class and feel really at home with the children. My Dad says it's because haven't really grown up - the cheek!

I had been due to spend my teaching placements in Key Stage 1 (Infants - where I'm currently based in Y1) and Key Stage 2 (Juniors - where I would have been in the Summer Term) but just before Christmas, after a lot of consideration and head-scratching, I submitted a request to the Head of the course to spend my Summer placement in the Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception classes). I had enjoyed my time observing and helping out in the classes with children aged 3-5 so much that I decided that this is where I really want to start my career. I saw some truly inspiring teachers at work who made their classrooms creative but calm and have developed a real interest in early child development.

I also felt that is where I have the most to offer as a teacher. There will be more regular opportunities for me to bring my passions for music, crafting and cooking into the classroom and I can help children to develop life skills as well as helping them to develop their understanding of literacy and numeracy.

Although I'm sad that the Christmas Holidays are almost over and I'll be back into the daily grind at uni on Monday, I can't wait to continue learning and will hopefully have my own class to teach in September.

And in the meantime, here are some other things that I'm loving right now...
  • Tea made with leaves in a teapot. Somehow it just tastes better and it gives me the perfect opportunity to use my Emma Bridgewater teapot.
  • Philosophy Shower Gel - it has to be Cinnamon Buns flavour to make me smell all cosy and wintery.
  • Radio 2 and Radio 4 - I spend my days hopping between the two stations being entertained and educated.
  • Fairy Lights - the world needs to have more twinkle all year round!
  • Clare Balding and Miranda Hart's autobiographies - warm, funny and just lovely. I want them both to be my new celebrity best friends!

So this is me but what is making you smile right now?

So this is me but what is making you smile right now?


  1. I am smiling because you are blogging again! :) Really, it just makes me so very happy - ever since Pinerest came on the scene (which I love as much as anyone) there are fewer and fewer regular bloggers. I love reading about your day to day!
    Also smiling because we are about to get back on schedule (or as much as we can during basketball season.) We had a lovely Christmas vacation, especially with B home, but we filled the days - and our plates - to dizzying limits. I am looking forward to simplicity!

    1. When I came back to blogging I was amazed at the number of blogs that hadn't been updated. As lovely as Pinterest is, it's not quite the same! x

  2. Cinnamon buns flavour shower gel sounds AMAZING!