Wednesday, 30 January 2013

My Winter 2013

We're almost through 2/3 of our winter months.

Here is a snapshot of my 2013 Winter so far.

Our cheery GYO Snowman
Snowy Telegraph Cables
A Snow Bedford Square
Burns Night Tipsy Whisky Trifle
Cosy candlelight
Polar Friends on our Christmas Cake (that is still to be eaten)
Our garden in the snow
One month to go. 
I wonder if we'll see any more snow or if we'll end February with a mini-heatwave? 
It's Britain after all, so you never ever now what's around the corner!


  1. Still winter here. I got up this morning thinking I'd get into the garden today, then the sky went black, heavy rain followed by sleet. As you say we never know whats coming next.

    1. Oh no, that's rubbish! After a cloudy morning, it turned into a lovely sunny, blue sky afternoon. It was so nice to see the sun again even if it was windy. Hoping you get some sunshine soon! x

  2. You still have your Christmas cake? We inhaled ours!

    1. I'm a bit daft and don't like to spoil things that I think are pretty and nice and don't use them for ages. When I was a little girl, I was known to still have uneaten chocolate Father Christmas' at Easter and still wrapped chocolate bunnies at Christmas! Nowadays, I'm likely not to use nice bath things for ages and just keep admiring them on the shelf. It's a bit silly really! x

  3. What cheery winter photos! We are in for at least another month of spotty white weather in my corner - snow has been known to fall on Easter. My personal preference is no snow after Valentines, but we shall see what Mother Nature thinks.
    I am very impressed with your self control regarding the cake, our holiday treats are distant memories (except for where they are clinging to my waist, ha.)

    1. Hope you get your wish and the snow stops falling after Valentines Day! We're very slow eating all our Christmas Sweet Treats. Although Mum and Dad joined us over Christmas to eat some of it, Andy and I tend to overbuy at Christmas and are slow to eat all the chocolate, cake and sweets. We still have a few Candy Cane Kisses left...the sentiment will still be there for 14th Feb! x