Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dreams Of The North

I am dreaming to be 'up north', specifically in Yorkshire, more specifically in North Yorkshire near the Moors.

I don't quite know why as it really seems silly when my feet at the moment are firmly planted in London. We have a home here, my parents are here and Mr P's job is here. There simply is no reason to up-root and move to somewhere completely unknown.

But I've been reading so much about life in Yorkshire at the moment. The latest Jack Sheffield 'Headteacher' book has been devoured, we've enjoyed cosying up on the sofa and catching up with the brilliant Last Tango In Halifax and so many of the fantastic blogs that I love to read are written by folk living in 'God's Own County.

In fact so much of my reading is about or by people from the county: my favourite author, Gervase Phinn comes from Yorkshire, I've just started reading James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small and you can't beat a bit of Bronte, especially Wuthering Heights.

Then there's the weather. Although we've had snow in London, it never lasts for more than a couple of days. Then it melts, mixes with the grit and we end up with brown puddles. Yuck! I long for a window where I can look into the horizon and watch the changing seasons.

These are all dreams. I know it's not feasible at the moment or maybe even ever (Mr P is from a town near Bolton which makes him a sort of Mancunian-Lancastrian and I'm not sure how he'd feel about moving across the border!) but I do think that sometimes you need a little fantasy to keep you going, especially through the dull, dark winter months.

However, we've made a little step towards spending time in the county: we've booked our summer holiday! Yes, we've already made plans for August! We don't usually think about holidays so far in advance but this year I felt I needed an incentive to keep me motivated throughout the second half of my PGCE course.

So we've hired Ruby!

Ruby's owned by the lovely people at Big Van Adventures
We're going to enjoy her for a whole week and spend time travelling around North Yorkshire and into County Durham and Northumberland. We're also hoping to spend a couple of days in York before we pick her up. We've never hired a VW Campervan before but I think it will be a proper adventure. She looks so pretty inside, it will be just like having a Wendy House again!

So while living in Yorkshire may just be a little fantasy, I can at least indulge myself with being there for a few, hopefully sunny days, and enjoy everything the county has to offer.

Some people dream of travelling to far flung places and I fantasise about being a couple of hundred miles up the M1; but I guess variety is what makes the world an interesting place!


  1. Must be the time of year or the weather but I'm feeling unsettled myself. As you say good to have a dream and even better to have the reality of a camper van trip with lots of time to plan it.

  2. My husband's family all live near Scarborough and it truly is a beautiful part of the country. The coastline is amazing and the moors are so close - it really would be a wonderful place to live. Your holiday plans sound amazing, and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time. It's good to do a bit of dreaming at this time of year.x

  3. I live on the north east coast and dream of life in a big city! Your holiday plans sound great and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful break. The veggie haggis was very delicious, btw.

  4. Your summer trip sounds absolutely dreamy - I hope you take oodles of pictures and blog them so that I can live vicariously through you! Some day, I definitely hope to visit Bronte country.

  5. Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the lovely comments you left. :-)

    It's good to have a dream and I think exploring North Yorkshire in a campervan sounds like fun. It's a truly beautiful part of the world. However, I dream of moving back down south to be nearer my family...the grass is always greener!

    Gillian x

  6. Argh I'm so jealous, I'd LOVE a campervan of my own but hiring one would be pretty amazing too. It's so nice to hear someone say such lovely things about my part of the world too - makes me want to get out on those moors!! I look forward to your pics x