Monday, 28 January 2013

Back To School: SE1C

My Rob Ryan inspired display from last term's SE1B placement.
I loved 'creating' this. It was used as a backdrop for the class assembly and stayed up for a week or so afterwards.
There are so many jargon words and acronyms to learn in modern life, aren't there? 

For teachers and student teachers they are endless. For example,
SE1C stands for School Experience, School 1, Part C. 

Today I head back to school for the final six week block at my placement school: SE1C. I've been based in a Year 1 class (5-6 year olds) on-and-off since the end of September and this time I gradually take up the lead, so for the first two weeks after half term I'll be THE class teacher. 

In May, I start my final eight week placement. It will be in another school when I'll be let loose as THE class teacher after the first couple of weeks. I'm going to be placed in the Early Years Foundation Stage so will be in a Nursery or Reception Class. 

Being THE class teacher somewhat scares me. It is something I've dreamt of for so long and yet my actual experience could be absolutely amazing or downright awful.

At the moment there is so much to juggle: an essay to get some Masters credits, my 'Specialism' (History - because of my undergraduate degree) project and presentation (I'm trying to find evidence to support the view that you can introduce very young children to ideas and skills related to history), as well as planning, teaching and assessing, and completing an endless lists of 'placement tasks'.

In addition to all this, I'm starting to look for a job for September. Trying to write a personal statement saying that you're an outstanding teacher and finding suitable examples to illustrate this is very hard when you've not had much experience. I'm also really wanting to be an EYFS teacher (Nursery preferably) and it's even harder to provide evidence of being great when I don't start teaching in the Early Years/Foundation Phase (yet more jargon!) until the summer. Groan!

I will need to have lots of tea, vitamins, cake* and snatch a few valuable moments of 'me time' and sleep to keep sane.
Does orange and lemon drizzle cake count as a form of Vitamin C?

But I'm now over half way through the course and I'm determined to get to the end.

I will make it and become a PROPER Teacher-Jo!
(Note to self: look at this post when you're feeling overwhelmed, miserable and need some optimism and cheering up!)


  1. I'm telling myself the same thing - I WILL BE A TEACHER - at the moment. I' confident enough in classroom as I've been a teaching assistant for eleven years, but I've failed twice to get a place on the teacher training courses. I have interviews coming up and I'm desperately hoping to get a place to start in September - I really don't know what I'll do if I don't :(

    I hope everything goes well for you in the last months of study. Finding a job could be hard, it seems there are so many applicants for every job at the moment, but I'm sure you'll get there! And yes, I'm pretty sure orange and lemon drizzle cake is a legitimate source of vitamin C ;)

    1. Good luck with your applications. I'm sure you don't need it, but if you want any advise you know where to find me. Don't read too many of the TES Forums - they'll only scare you off and don't paint a true picture of the PGCE. Fingers crossed for you! x

  2. I love your display - how inspiring! Your schedule sounds very overwhelming... I think you will need A LOT of vitamin C (orange and lemon drizzle cake) and probably whatever vitamins you can find in chocolate cake as well!

    1. Thanks lovely! I didn't have any firm plans when I started putting it together, it just evolved. I'm glad the teacher was convinced I knew what I was doing!

      No cake eaten yet this week. Mr P is doing the shopping tomorrow so I'm hoping he'll bring me home a treat! x

  3. You will make it to be a teacher, and I'm sure you'll be an excellent one. Good luck with the SE1c placement.

    And yes, I definitely think lemon drizzle cake contains vitamin C!

    Gillian x

    1. Thanks for your faith in me - I do appreciate such kind words.
      So far so good! x

  4. You will be ace! There's a lot to think about but keep Ruby in mind! ;)