Friday, 25 November 2011

Gareth Love

I must be losing my mind, as I just can't work out how I managed to get through a whole three weeks of Gareth Malone on television without a post about him.

If you read my old blog, you will be aware of how much I fancy the pants off Mr Gareth Malone, Choirmaster Extraordinaire. He tickles my fancy so much that when I had my Hen Party in 2010, my lovely friends arranged for him to come. Yes, he was there...

...albeit in the form of a blow up doll that had been dressed from head to toe in my best friend's boyfriend's gear (pants and socks included) for a game of 'Pass The Gareth' (normally people would substitute the 'Gareth' for 'Parcel). It was great fun and I must be the only girl around who can boast that 'Gareth Malone came to her Hen Do'.

Yes, since 2007 there's been a lot of 'Gareth Love' going around.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, here is a clip from Gareth's most recent project which saw him create a choir from the wives and girlfriend's left on a military base when their partners were deployed to Afghanistan for six months.

As with Gareth's previous projects, the choir has brought people together, many of whom thought that they were tone deaf and that choirs were just for posh people in churches. 

The Military Wives Choir from Chivenor are going onto amazing things. They sang at the Festival of Remembrance earlier this month and are releasing their song Wherever You Are to enter the race for the Christmas Number 1. A more worthy festive hit than X Factor? I wholly think so.

There is still time to watch the most recent series of The Choir on BBC iPlayer. Make sure you settle down with a mug of tea and a big box of tissues - it seems to have made so many people very teary. The stories the ladies tell of being parted from loved ones and the worry they go through is heart-wrenching. Not only are our soliders brave, but their families are remarkably brave to carry on with normal life and daily routines.

I find Gareth to be an incredible leader/teacher who manages to bring out the very best in people, whether they are children or adults. He encourages enthusiasm through his warmth and passion for music. You get the feeling when watching him on television that if he is talking to a member of his choirs his focus is on the them and, unlike most reality TV stars, not promoting his own fame. I hope to acquire and use some of these skills as a TA and hopefully, eventually as a teacher. 

And did I mention that he is very handsome? 


  1. Ah yes but did you know that he is also married with a little girl!!!! lol I've met him in the flesh several times as they filmed a series at my workplace a couple of years ago. He really is a nice chap too! S x

  2. Hi Sue - Thanks for your comment!
    I did know that Gareth has a wife and a little girl. Until the spring I worked at the BBC in the office that commissions and produces all his series'. Sometime last year our Executive Producer went to lunch with Gareth and his wife. When she returned she came straight over to my desk and said 'My goodness, you'll never guess what - his wife is just like you!'. It's something that always makes me smile when I think about it!
    A very small world! Do you work at the school where they filmed the Extraordinary School for Boys series? It is very inspiring, especially as it is the age group that I now work with. What I would give to get our boys running around and exercising their bodies and minds! x

  3. Hi ya, no I met him when he worked on the Unsung Town series in 2009. The choir that he helped to set up is still going strong, still based at my school and growing in numbers. He continued to be their Choir Master after filming finished but had to leave them last year due to work commitments. He still keeps in contact with them. There is an update on it next Monday infact BBC2 9pm. Also an article on him in The Mail today. He really is an inspiration isn't he. S x x

  4. Aha, so you work in South Oxhey! I have lots of family around those parts! Thanks for the tip off about tomorrow's tv show. I'll definitley catch that! x

  5. I've never come across him but he sounds like a lovely chap! :) Always good to have someone to inspire you! :) xxx

  6. Ah I've seen snippets of him in the last few weeks, very nice indeed but I did notice the wedding ring haha!

    (I've never seen a male blow up doll before ... he has no willy! What a rip off!) xx

  7. Ha, as opposed to all the hundreds of female blow up dolls I've encountered! But you know what I mean!

  8. The wierdest blow up doll ever...and I'm not on about the stuck on face!