Friday, 16 September 2011

Turning Over Autumnal Leaves

So autumn is well and truly here.

Montacute House, Somerset - 4 September 2011

Time for lots of changes - outside and inside, at home and at school ( well, work).

It's taking awhile for me to get back into a routine - getting up and going to bed and getting focused again at work

My inability to get back into a routine also includes blogging - both reading and writing. 

I once read that it takes doing some three times until it becomes a habit and you can routinely do it without too much thought.

Well, I make that two posts to go until I'm back on track!


  1. Seasonal grooves take a little while! Hope you're still liking school.

  2. Welcome back! I love Autumn, and all of the good things that come with it (including schedules and earlier bedtimes: does that make me an old lady?)

    p.s. I wish the eating-healthy-habit only took three times to establish... it only takes one cupcake calling my name for me to break!

  3. Hurrah, you're coming back! X

  4. I'm not sure doing something 3 times makes it easier, but I'm willing too try as like you, my routines are not up to scratch.x