Sunday, 25 September 2011

A Cheeky Visitor

When I arrived home from work on Wednesday afternoon I was greeted by this sight.

A white moggy was sat in our olive tree planter loving the pot of catnip that has been there for the past few months. Fluffy Cat has shown absolutely no interest in this special herb for felines!

This beautiful white Tom (I'm assuming it was a boy) did not look at all worried as I started to take its photograph to show Mr P when he arrived home.

In fact, he carried on licking his chops and looking very satisfied with his treat. 

Cheeky or what?


  1. Awww cheeky but v cute!!

  2. He definitely looks like a boy! What a biffa! He's probably hunting for cat nip stocks! :) xxx

  3. Perhaps Fluffy Cat will develop an interest now that there is competition for the treats! :)

  4. I had a whole bag of catnip that I put in our kitchen bin (which was one of those retro really long, tall metal ones) once only to come home to find our cat had somehow managed to tip the whole thing, drag the bag around the house leaving tell tale leaves of catnip and I eventually found him in a wild pile, dribbling and writhing around like a happy maniac.