Thursday, 25 August 2011

Patisserie Parisienne

Or, the one about the macaroons!

The oldest Ladurée shop in Paris (there are five, including one at the airport) is very central and easy to find. It is at 16 Rue Royale, just off the Place de la Concorde and close to the beautiful Madeleine church. 

You cannot miss it as the decorations in the window are exquisite.

We thought that we may have to queue for a table as it was very full, but we were quickly seated in a room upstairs. Looking at other people's plates, I knew it was going to be hard to pick only one delicacy but I chose one that a lady close by was eating. It was so pretty and pink, I knew that was going to be my perfect choice. 

 The Ispahan was made of two raspberry sandwiched with raspberries and a rose flavoured cream. It even had a rose petal on the top. It was divine. 

Mr P had a Pistachio Ladurée Saint-Honorés. This was a pistachio macaroon with miniature choux buns, lots of freshly whipped cream and pistachio chips. It was also delicious.

As it was a very hot day we had a lemonade with our cakes rather than tea. The lemonade was interesting in so far as it didn't really taste lemony. Nevertheless, it was refreshing and we were so parched it was just what we needed.

The surroundings are lovely. The room is so beautifully decorated and it has a real atmosphere. However, I did feel that the service left a little to be desired. Perhaps it is just French ways, but both our waiters weren't very friendly, plonking the plates down on the table and whipping them away only seconds after we had put our pastry forks down. I know the English are meant to be rude, but I get better service at the café at the top of my road here in London (and it's quite a bit cheaper too).

Don't let this put you off though.  I would definitely visit Ladurée on another visit to Paris. If you can stomach the bad service (no pun intended!) it is worth treating yourself as the patisserie was perfection on a plate.


  1. My son is studying French at high school, and his teacher (who lived in France for many years) told him that "customer service" is very different there.
    But I would be willing to suffer chilly reception for one of those sweet creations...

  2. Sadly I think that is quite normal for French service. I don't get the whole macaroon thing - must be something wrong with me lol.

  3. Aiiii - I would put up with quite a lot of bad manners to eat one of those glorious macaroons.

  4. Yep, that's how the French do it, rude and all. And I can't sau I'd be tempted to go there I'm afraid, it's such a tourist attraction these days...

  5. Love Laduree macarons. Shame about your experience. When we were there a couple of years ago I'd have to say the service was impeccable.

  6. See that would put me off. I can't stand rude manners and particularly from people who are in a service industry. Its inexcusable. For the price I expect you paid, you are buying an experience not just some macaroons which lets face it, cost pennies to make.

    Bad show Ladurée!

  7. Hmm I can imagine a place like that being a bit snooty - if it's as popular as you say they'll want to free up the table for the next lot I guess. That said though - YUM!

  8. Oh yum, I love them! There is a very pretty Laduree shop in Covent Garden, I treated myself to a box from there recently. x

  9. Must be a love hate relationship. Macarons are pretty to look at but have never tasted one yet...