Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Ooh La La - Paris In A Day

At the weekend, Mr P and I are off to Paris for the day.

Oh, to see a sight like this!
We leave on the first train out of London St Pancras and return on the last train back from Gare du Nord.

We have visited this great city together twice already. 

In the summer of 2000 we escaped London and holiday jobs for a few days to enjoy our first holiday together. For 18 year old me, it was a very romantic trip.

In 2007 - for my Dad's 60th birthday present - we bought tickets to be the first members of the public to leave for Paris from the new St Pancras International. However while we had a fun-filled trip, the train didn't actually leave the station until 3pm and there was only time to cross the road outside the Gare du Nord and have an amazing celebratory meal, before crossing back over the road and getting the last train home.

As Mr P and I have seen quite a bit of the city and visited the key sights and museums, on this short visit, we are looking forward to relaxing and and filling the day wandering the streets, absorbing the smells, sounds and views of the city, and as always, filling our stomachs with delicious food.

A visit to the original Ladurée shop is at the top of my list and Mr P suggested that if the weather is good, we should have a quick visit to the Eiffel Tower as it completes any visit to the city.

But being the fonts of all knowledge about nice things, I was hoping that you could suggest some lovely things to do in Paris in a day.

Thinking caps on, please! x


  1. Have I ever told you that I am OBSESSED with the notion of doing Paris in a day? I really really really REALLY want to do it because it's just so mad - Paris IN A DAY!! Argh! Mind you, given that we'd need train tickets to London and a 2 nights in a hotel in London too - I don't think it would quite work out to be the cheap getaway I would want it to be!

    Aahh this comment is of no help to you. Sorry!

    Have you done the Shakespeare & Co bookshop? That's one of those things to see I think. Apologies if you're rolling your eyes because you've already been!

  2. Ooh, Paris for a day? How exciting! We went for our first anniversary and just walked, walked and walked some more, soaking up the city smells and sights and stopping for food and to pop up the Eiffel Tower. Loved it!

  3. Going to the top of the Tour Montparnasse will give you better views than from the Eiffel Tower... and the cafe at the Musee d'Orsay is worth a visit! The museum too actually, an old train station, it's quite impressive inside!

  4. Oh, I WISH I had suggestions for what to see in Paris! "Paris in a day" - that does sound dreamy! What ever you do, please blog about it so that I can have an armchair excursion. :)

  5. I spent 24 hours there this week - overnight though. We ate and wandered around Montmartre in the evening then ate and went shopping around Opera and Les Halles and ate more and had an ice cream then came home!

    Look forward to seeing what you got up to x