Friday, 5 August 2011


Madrid is renown for its culinary culture and on our visit we found so many options and opportunities to eat.

We enjoyed amazing tapas and pinchos at our friend's wedding celebration.

Tortillas, Tapas and Jamon!

We ate Churros (deep fried batter fingers) and Chocolate for breakfast. They taste a bit like a doughnut.

In fact, they are good at any time of the day - not just for breakfast!

But our favourite place to eat quickly became the Mercado de San Miguel.

It is an old covered market which in recent years became rather dilapidated as it lost out to cheaper supermarkets. In a way similar to Borough Market in London, the owners turned the market's fortunes around by making it upmarket and attracting a younger clientele for tapas and drinks as well as usual market fayre, like fruit and vegetables, cheese, fish and meat. 

During the day you see people popping by to purchase groceries and snacks and then in the evening it turns into a hive of social activity. 

We liked it because we could purchase a variety of food and drink from each stall and have a taste of everything good that Spain has to offer.

The Mercardo de San Miguel was one of the highlights of our trip and I would say it is a 'must' for anyone visiting the city.

And I dare anyone not to come back from Madrid a pound or two heavier!


  1. Wow - sounds like you've been having a lovely summer! :) xxx

  2. Wow the market sounds amazing! I had my first trip to Borough Market this summer and absolutely loved the atmosphere and the produce!

  3. I've never tried authentic churros, but our spanish teacher used to rave about them. yum.

  4. mmm, this post is making my mouth water! How did you ever choose between all of those good things?

  5. Ah lovely! When I lived in Seville I used to have Churros y Chocolate at 6-7am on the way home from a night out :D Never been to Madrid but I'm dying to...