Monday, 6 June 2011

It's A Bloggy Holiday

Half term came and went in a flash but was jam packed with lots of lovely things.

Life is super busy at the moment and full of exciting goings-on at work and at home.

I know that this summer is going to be very busy and I'm not going to get the opportunity to blog as much as I would like.

So rather than beat myself up about not writing, I'm going to go on a little bloggy holiday for the next couple of months and come back refreshed in the autumn.

From time to time I hope to send the occasional bloggy postcard to update you on my PinkCat life.

In the meantime I hope you have a great summer, full of sun and other fabulous things.

Best wishes x


  1. You will be missed!!!! But I hope you have a wonderful, refreshing holiday... and write us a lovely post detailing your adventures when you return ;)

  2. Enjoy your blog holiday. I'll look out for the postcards.

  3. Oh! We'll miss you! Want to hear lots of updates later then! xxx

  4. You'll be missed Pink Cat!.... but I quite understand the need to spend time around the home and with loved ones, and like you say, no doubt your summer will be nice and busy. Hopefully busy in all of the best ways!
    Wishing you a wonderful break, with tea and cream cakes and walks in all weathers!
    Lots of love xxx

  5. We'll miss you! Hope you enjoy your holiday and come back refreshed with lots of tales to tell :) xx

  6. Enjoy your bloggy break, hope all is still going well in the new job hun. Sue x x x

  7. Have a great one! I am doing the opposite. Getting back to blogging. Getting busy! Thank you for commenting on my blog almost a century ago lol. Keep in touch