Monday, 6 June 2011

It's A Bloggy Holiday

Half term came and went in a flash but was jam packed with lots of lovely things.

Life is super busy at the moment and full of exciting goings-on at work and at home.

I know that this summer is going to be very busy and I'm not going to get the opportunity to blog as much as I would like.

So rather than beat myself up about not writing, I'm going to go on a little bloggy holiday for the next couple of months and come back refreshed in the autumn.

From time to time I hope to send the occasional bloggy postcard to update you on my PinkCat life.

In the meantime I hope you have a great summer, full of sun and other fabulous things.

Best wishes x

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I do feel like I've been away from my blog for longer than a few days. I've been having a bit of a struggle for inspiration this week and have been so busy trying to do other things (namely housework) so I apologise for the radio silence and for not doing my Tuesday Thoughts yesterday.

So we've reached gorgeous June and it's finally summer. I don't know about you but as the weather has been so warm and dry over the past couple of months sometimes I have to remind myself that we're only at the start of summer and not nearing the end. I'm really enjoying the sunny weather but feel sad when I see how dry the garden is. We had a good rainstorm on Saturday and I hate to say it but we could do with some more...just as long as they happen at night so I don't have to stand around dripping in a playground!

I've decided not to set myself any specific targets for this month, apart from my book reading ones. With hindsight, I feel I was a bit unfair on myself to expect to immediately start a new job and fall into a routine at home so quickly. But I've got there. I'm coming in from work and using the time productively to get some jobs done, read (and I read lots last month!) and start cooking tea before Mr P comes home. 

Half term has been a bit of a learning curve as it's so quiet at home and easy to drift, forgetting what you were going to do when there is no one to buddy up with on the chores all day. However, it's nice to get things done without feeling that you want to spend time relaxing with the other person. It's also nice to 'catch up' on life and do the jobs that you've been putting off for ages. For me it's been typing up my address book and lists of the Christmas presents I've given to people for the past five years. I'm still madly de-cluttering - there won't be anything left in this house soon!

Onto my reading choices for June...

A real variety this month. Have you read any of them?

In the meantime, I think that June will be very much a month of finalising arrangements for the rest of summer: holidays, house and garden - more on those soon.

I'm hoping that this summer will be a relaxing one full of the things that I enjoy (that must mean a cream cake or two). It should be very different from last year which was focused around arrangements for a certain wedding in September; which although delightful, did rather take over our lives. 

So this summer I'm going to be as free and as flighty as a bird. 
What are you going to be?