Sunday, 1 May 2011


May is the month when I realise that a quarter of a year has gone by and I wonder where the year is disappearing to.

This month I thought I'd reflect on April and see if I completed everything I planned/needed/wanted to do last month...

Time to dry clean my thick winter coat and put it back in the wardrobe to hibernate for the summer - Almost done, I still have to collect it from the dry cleaners.

Time to write the first essay for my Open University course - Done, awaiting result.

Time to get out in the garden to dig and plant - 2 new plants added, more to be done now there is no chance of another spell of very cold weather.

Time to sit down with the manual for my new camera and properly work out how to use it - I still need to find the manual!

Time to look forward to a long spring and summer and put events and meet ups in the diary - In progress.

Time for the new bed to arrive and finish decorating our bedroom - Done, must blog this!

Time to relax, sort myself out and prepare for the next term(!) during a 10 day holiday - Done and enjoyed!

Time to cook healthier meals and make time time to exercise to avoid looking like a dumpling in summer clothes - Getting there: start exercise class and diet regime this Wednesday, signed up for a 5k charity run in September.

To add for May... 

Get into an after-school routine. Having two to three extra hours before Mr P comes home should not be wasted! 

Finish my 2nd Open University module and write essay.

Sort out our wedding photographs, print and display.

Read three books from cover to cover.

Get the sewing machine out and make some napkins and place mats for summer dining al fresco.

Make sure I get my passport changed into my married name for my trip to Madrid or else I won't be going anywhere.

Start running.

Plan some nice things for my half term break at the end of the month! 

What did you plan to do at the start of the year and have not done yet?*
* Don't panic, no pressure - there are still 8 months to get things done! x


  1. No pressure at all! I always vow to finish more crafty projects than I start, and not to increase my yarn and fabric stash, and fail miserably!

    Pomona x

  2. You have been busy! My goals are all ongoing. :)

  3. It really helps to have a list doesn't it, I write a week-to-week to do list at the moment, a lot of stuff rolls over though :S I'm looking forward to seeing your placemats and napkins, and v jealous of your trip to Madrid!! xx

  4. I can't think that far ahead.
    ALthough I do plan to sort the house out in September, but we'll see.

  5. Yes you must tell us about the redecorating effort!!
    No list here so nothing really to tick off!

  6. Oh my, you are good with your lists. And if you do start running, please let us know. I really need a kick in the behind to get off of it!!!