Saturday, 21 May 2011

I Have A Cold But...

...I am amazed at how happy and content a person I've become.

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Usually if I had a cold I'd stay in my pyjamas and use it as a god-given excuse to mope around but today I got out of bed, dressed, picked up a parcel, did some shopping and then pottered around the house. Despite feeling all snotty and headachy, I somehow found the energy within me to keep going. It was only when I sat down to relax and watch a film that I fell fast asleep.

For months if not years, I'd been feeling so gloomy and fed up with life. Yet now I'm full of joy and excitement about everything that is to come. It sounds contrived but I feel like my 'old self' able to organise my life, have fun and laugh at so many things. 

I'm sure much of this joy is due to the happiness I've found in my new job. I love the excitement of not knowing what each day will bring and reacting to new challenges every day. Even all this week when I've was feeling slightly unwell with a sore throat, the children gave me something to smile about each day and the motivation to keep going.

Not only are things going well for me at work, but the plans for our home are slowly coming together and becoming reality. I'm sleeping much better at night and I'm waking up early in the mornings, even at weekends - I can now seize the day, every day. I've also got into a routine when I arrive home from work and keep myself busy chores, reading, blogging and pottering until Mr P arrives home. My garden has started to come into bloom and I'm enjoying seeing my bulbs grow and seedlings spring up.

I have everything to smile about today. I hope you do too.

PS - Don't you think that happy cat picture could be my cat as a kitten? Spooky!


  1. So lovely to hear! I am not there yet, but trying everyday.... !

  2. Ah! that is soooo good hun! Sounds like you did the right thing and it is paying off for you. I feel/hope Celta is for me too...only time will tell! It is stressful now but a good stressful! Anyway will be back properly soon and will catch up xxx

  3. Aww poor you, I hope you feel better soon. So pleased you have settled into your new job. Sounds like you've made the right decision that's for sure. Big hugs. Sue x x x

  4. Glad things are working out for you! x

  5. Cheers to you! If you can feel happy even with a head cold, you are in a good place! All the same, I hope it leaves you quickly so that you can fully enjoy your newfound bliss. :)

  6. I'm so pleased for you (though I think colds are part of the inevitable cost of having your particular job!). It's lovely that all is working out.

  7. So good to hear the new job is having such a positive impact. Hope you shake off the lurgy soon.

  8. Really pleased for you! And I think perhaps you ought to consider offering career counselling, to help out those of us who still perhaps haven't found the right work environment.

  9. Hope you're feeling better now.

    Yey for new jobs! This is exactly how people are meant to feel- its so lovely when it is achieved. I'm very very happy for you! An incredibly sweet picture too :) Take care of your snuffles! xxx